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FangyuanFY310 portable hardness tester




Name:FangyuanFY310 portable hardness tester



Category: portable hardness tester


Place of origin:Jinan Laizhou



  Product overview:

Fangyuan FY310 portable Leeb hardness Leeb hardness measurement principle basis, you can quickly and easily to a variety of metal materials were measured, instantly showing the hardness values measured at the same time, can freely switch between a variety of hardness of's (Brinell Hb, Luo's HRC, Vickers HV, Shaw HS) can be pre-set tolerance limit, beyond the range of automatic alarm. The product host and high speed thermal micro printer integrated design, the original import of high speed printer core support on-site instant printing function, import long term paper to ensure long-term storage of data. Low power design relying on the concept of stable IC integrated circuit, with large capacity, long life, high speed charging of NiMH batteries. The whole Chinese display, menu type operation is simple and convenient, seven kinds of special shaped impact device without calibration, automatic recognition. Is your best choice for hardness testing.

Functional characteristics:

1 on the basis of Leeb hardness measurement principle, can be used to detect a variety of metal materials; software calibration function.

2 a host can be equipped with 7 different impact device, automatic identification device for impact type replacement without recalibration.

3 support for "forging steel (Steel) materials, when using the D/DC impact device test" forged steel specimen ", can be directly read HB value, without manual look-up table.

4 hardness values can be preset, the lower limit, beyond the range of automatic alarm, convenient batch testing needs.

The 5 largest group of 100 stores (impact number 32 ~ 1) hardness measurement data, each set of data includes a single measured value, average value, measurement date, impact direction, number, material, hardness of system information.

6 thermal printer and apparatus are integrated into a whole, quiet, fast printing speed, can print test report.

7 built-in rechargeable battery and a charging control circuit; can work continuously for not less than 150 hours; automatic shutdown and automatic power saving function, dormancy.

8 LCD battery indicator icon, real-time display the remaining battery power; charging indicator, the operator can understand the degree of charge.

9 USB interface, can conveniently, quickly and PC for data exchange. Can be equipped with computer software, with transmission measurements, measurements of storage management, measurement, statistics and analysis, print test value report, batch set the parameters of the apparatus, rich functions and meet the higher requirements of the quality assurance and management.

10 the apparatus is small, portable integrated thermal printer can print, size: 212mm * 80mm * 32mm

Technical parameters and specifications:

Measurement range: HLD (170 ~ 960) HLD

Measurement direction: support vertical downward, inclined, horizontal, inclined, vertical upward

Measurement of material: steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ball graphite cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper zinc alloy brass), copper tin alloy (bronze) copper forging steel

Hardness standard: the scale (HL), (HB), B (HRB), Luo's C (HRC), A (HRA), Vivtorinox (HV), Shaw (HS)

Display: high contrast segment type liquid crystal

Data storage: maximum 100 groups (32 to 1 times the number of shocks)

Thermal printer, work quiet, can print any number of test results, to meet the needs of the scene

Print paper width: (57.5 + 0.5) mm; print roll diameter: 30mm

Working voltage: 6V nickel metal hydride battery pack

Charging power supply: 9V/500mA; charging time 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours

Continuous working time: about 150h (no print, no backlight)

Communication interface standard: USB1.1

Applicable material:

(bronze), copper, wrought steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ball graphite cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, an alloy of copper and zinc, brass, copper tin alloy steel

Working conditions:

Ambient temperature: operating temperature of-10 DEG C to less; storage temperature: -30 ~ 60 relative humidity is less than or equal to 90% DEG C;

There is no strong vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive medium and serious dust in the surrounding environment.


Extended reading:

The sample FY310 Leeb hardness tester

1 the surface temperature not overheating, should be less than 120 DEG C

2 surface roughness can not be too large, otherwise it will cause measurement error. The sample surface must be exposed metal luster, and smooth, no oil.

3. Sample weight: the weight of more than 5 kg heavy sample, do not need to support; weight in 2 - 5kg test pieces of overhanging portion of the test piece and thin-walled specimens in the test application object support, to avoid the impact caused by deformation of specimen, music and mobile. For medium-sized samples must be placed flat plane and solid, samples must be absolutely stable placement, there may not be any shaking.

4 surface samples: test specimen surface is the best plane. When the measured surface curvature radius of R is less than 30mm (D, DC, D+15, C, E, DL impact device) and less than 50mm (G impact device) specimen should use small bearing rings or shaped supporting ring in the test.

5 the sample shall be of sufficient thickness and the minimum thickness of the specimen shall be in accordance with the provisions of schedule 3.

6 for a sample with a surface hardened layer, the depth of the hardened layer shall be in accordance with the provisions of schedule 3.

7. The coupling: for light sample must be with strong supporting body tightly coupled, two coupled surface must be flat, smooth, coupling agent dosage should not be too much, tests must vertical to the plane of the coupling; when the sample is large area sheet, rod length, bending parts, even weight, thickness is larger still may caused by the deformation of the specimen and instability, resulting in inaccurate test values. Therefore, it should be in back of the test point support or reinforcement.

8 the magnetic properties of the sample itself should be less than 30 Gauss.


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