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HV-1000 micro hardness tester


Name:HV-1000 micro hardness tester



Category: Micro Vickers hardness tester


Place of origin:Shandong Jinan



 Product overview:

HV-1000 Micro Vickers hardness tester is a kind of machine, light, electricity integration products, especially suitable for thin metal test pieces, brittle material microhardness testing. The machine adopts LCD display, through the operation panel can be of HV or HK hardness scales the file test to secure the load time of selection, the brightness of the light source can stepless regulation.

Functional characteristics:

Particularly suitable for the determination of metal parts surface carburizing and nitriding layer and thin small parts of the micro hardness testing, matching the hard work of the head can be used to test the hardness test.

Scope of application:

Heat treatment, carbonization, hardening layer, surface coating, steel, nonferrous metals and small and thin parts, etc..

Technical parameters and specifications:

Measurement range: 5-3000HV

Test force: 0.09807, 0.2452, 0.4904, 0.9807, 1.961, 2.942, 4.904, 9.807 Newton (10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 grams)

Measurement system magnification: 500 times, 125 times

Measurement accuracy: 0.125 microns

Maximum height: 75 mm

Head center to wall distance: 100 mm

Power supply: AC 220 volts, 50Hz

Overall size: 340 x 160 x 375 mm

Weight: about 40 kg

Main accessories of HV-1000 micro hardness tester:

Coordinate test bench: 1 clamp: 1

Diamond pyramid indenter: 1 V block: 1

Standard micro hardness block: 2 small V shape block: 1

Printer: 1 thin plate test table: 1

Thin shaft test bench: 1 electronic calculator: 1


Extended reading:

HV-1000 Vivtorinox hardness unpacking and installation

Fangyuan remind you use the HV-1000 micro Vickers hardness meter precautions, use the instrument should be read carefully before using the manual, detailed knowledge of the instrument operation steps and matters needing attention, avoid because of improper use and cause equipment damage or personal safety accident occurs, the instrument in the test force not completely removable case, precise turntable is rotated, otherwise it will cause damage to the HV-1000 and pressure head, with unpacking and installation as described below.

1, cut off the packing belt on the packing box, take out the HV-1000 micro Vivtorinox hardness tester shock pad, remove the instrument and accessories from the box.

2, the HV-1000 hardness tester on a solid table, the appropriate location of the hole.

3, the four level screws (10) removed from the accessory box, foot hole in rotary instrument. Remove the lifting screw rod (6) and (11) on the yarn wheel.

4, two hands colleagues gently tear off for the pressure head (4) shock proof adhesive tape paper. Wipe the mirror paper with a small amount of alcohol or ether, gently wipe the pressure head (two hands grasp the two ends of the mirror paper gently on the head can be moved a few times).

5, open the upper cover (1), screw to the connecting rod on the 2 shock proof screws (18).

6, tear off the weight seat (19) on the tape, remove the weight seat cover (20). Weight shaft (21) and Jordan Farmar (22) from the accessory box removed, Kai net weight and weight axis (in weight shaft support surface, with the touch of a small amount of oil in the cloth to wipe the rust preventive), six weights from small to large sets in weight on the shaft.

7, grab the top of the weight shaft, put it into the weight seat, and turn the weight shaft, so that the weight shaft pin (23) set lever "V" type slot (24).

8, cover weight seat cover.

9, rotation test force of the transformation (16), the weight of the hand wheel seat in the slot up and down easily.

10, pull out the dust cover of the eyepiece tube, the eyepiece (2) inserted in the hole, must be inserted in the end.

11, take out the HV-1000 cross test bench (5), will test on the stage of anti rust oil wipe clean.

12, HV-1000 Vivtorinox hardness tester test bench into the lifting screw hole, and screw (7) fixed. Remove the level gauge from the box, put it on the cross test table, adjust the level, so that the bubble is centered. Radius of all declined reprint.


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