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HB-3000B type hardness tester




Name:HB-3000B type hardness tester



Category:hardness tester


Place of origin:Jinan Laizhou



  Product overview:

Lever loading, convenient operation, test accuracy and stability, using electronic commutation switch. Can be used to determine the non quenched steel. Cast iron - the value of the hardness of ferrous metals and the soft bearing alloys.

Functional characteristics:

The structure is strong, rigid, accurate, reliable and durable, and the test efficiency is high;

Electronic reversing switch;

High precision measuring system;

Widely applicable to quality control in the production field, strong adaptability to working environment;

Accuracy is consistent with ISO, 6506-2 GB/T231.2, and the United States E10 ASTM.

Application range:

Determination of the hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and bearing alloy materials;

Wide range of applications, suitable for the precision measurement of parallel planes, and stable and reliable surface measurement.

  Technical specifications and parameters:

Measurement range 8-450HBS, 8-650HBW

Test force 1838.8, 2415.8, 7355.3, 9807, 29421 Newton

(187.5, 250\, 750, 1000, 3000 kg force)

Specimen allowed maximum height of 230 mm

Head center to wall distance 120 mm

The power supply of AC 380/220 Volts

Size 700 x 268 x 842 mm

The weight is about 210 kg

Equipped with standard:

Flat bench: 1

Xiaoping test bench: 1

V type test: 1

Ball head: Phi 2.5, Phi 5, Phi 10 mm, 1 each

Brinell hardness standard blocks of: 2

20 times reading microscope: 1


Extended reading:

Detailed operation procedures for HB-3000B's hardness tester

HB-3000B hardness tester for the determination of non quenched steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and soft texture of the bearing alloy, such as the value of the hardness of the.

1, the installation of pressure head and test bench

According to the type of metal and the estimated hardness of the choice of A. pressure cleaning anti rust oil, put it into the spindle and the rotation of the screw.

HB-3000B the B. test bench is installed on the lead screw. And then the samples were stable and close to the test bench.

C. rotation of the hand wheel, so that the test bench is slowly rising, the test sample and the pressure head contact until the hand wheel and nut produce relative sliding.

D. press the head of the press to the flat of the fixed bar.

2, select the test force

According to the type of metal and the estimated hardness of the required testing force.

3, the choice of test force to maintain the time

Open hb-3000b Brinell hardness tester switching power supply, power supply is switched on, according to the type of metal and the estimated hardness test load holding time, press the test force keep time button.

4, formal test

The test sample is placed on the HB-3000B test bench, and the test bench is rotated, so that the test bench is slowly rising, and the specimen is in contact with the pressing head until the hand wheel and the nut generate relative sliding. Press the start button, the hardness tester can automatically complete a cycle of work.

5, test and determine the results of the test

After the test, turn the hand wheel, take down the sample, with a reading microscope to measure the surface of the indentation diameter of the sample, the phase table to determine the hardness value of the sample. HB-3000B on the hardness of the switch machine can not be too frequent, off after 3--5 seconds to boot again.

6, after the test, cut off the power supply of HB-3000B's hardness tester, and take down the weight and the weight rack, and then cover the cover.


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