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HR-150A's hardness tester




Name:HR-150A's hardness tester



Category:Hardness tester


Place of origin:Jinan laizhou



  Product overview:

Hr-150a Rockwell hardness meter for the desktop Rockwell hardness meter, using Rockwell Rockwell measuring principle, suitable for hard alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, such as material of Rockwell hardness test, can be widely used in measurement, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, building materials, such as industry detection, scientific research and production.

The Rockwell Rockwell hardness measurement principle, can be directly used for Rockwell hardness measurement. The structure has good rigidity, simple operation, stable display, convenient maintenance. Application of Rockwell hardness test for hard alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and other materials.

  Functional characteristics:

*This machine data is accurate, reliable and durable products, high testing efficiency;

* the dial can be directly read HRA, HRB, HRC scale;

*Using precision hydraulic buffer loading speed adjustable;

*By pure mechanical and manual testing process, no electrical control;

*It is widely applicable to the quality control in the production site, working environment adaptability;

*GB/T230.2 6508-2 and ISO. The accuracy of American ASTM E18.

  The scope of application:

HR150A type of Rockwell hardness tester of the application range is very wide, he determination of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and non metallic materials Rockwell hardness;

Rockwell hardness measurement for quenching and tempering heat treatment; surface measurement is stable and reliable.


HR-150A Rockwell hardness meter installation

1 working conditions of hardness tester

2 at room temperature in the range of 10~30 degrees celsius;

3 indoor relative humidity is not more than 65%;,

4 in a non vibration environment;

5 surrounded by non corrosive media.

6Unpacking  hardness

7Four nuts  from the bottom of the box, lift away box, remove the accessory box.

8 floor elevation, floor under 2 M10 screw bolts with a wrench, hardness and hardness (from the bottom, the Caution!).

9 after unpacking hardness level placed on the working table is stable on the level of not more than 1mm/m. At the same time in a proper position table hole (Figure 1), the screw (8) can work normally.

Maintenance and matters needing attention

1 test personnel should comply with the operating procedures, can be used in the test before and after the standard block. Do not often use the hardness tester, after the boot in the standard block to conduct several hardness testing, stability, and then test the test.

2 instrument handling should not have fallen, underpinning the handling, and remove the weights and the boom.

3 in hardness test, test force, maintain test force, unloading test force, non rotational variable load handwheel.

4 hardness of the use of the block can only be carried out on the working surface, two adjacent indentation and indentation center to the edge distance of not less than 3mm, the use of the cycle is two years.

5 hardness tester to do a good job of cycle test, at least once a year to ensure the accuracy of the hardness tester.

6 hardness tester common trouble shooting when the hardness tester, should contact with the relevant unit to repair, the common failure can be resolved

  Technical parameters and specifications:

Measurement range: 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC

Test force: 588.4, 980.7, 1471 Newton (60, 100, 150 kg force)

Maximum height: 170 mm

Head center to wall distance: 135 mm

Hardness resolution: 0.5HR

Size: 466 x 238 x 630 mm

Weight: about 65 kg

The main accessories:

Flat bench: 1

Xiaoping test bench: 1

V - Test Bench: 1

Diamond cone indenter: 1

1/16 ball head: 1

Rockwell hardness standard blocks of: 5


Extended reading:

HR-150A Lo's hardness tester operating video (hd) click View

Common failures and troubleshooting of HR-150A type hardness tester

1, the preliminary test force of the ultra poor or unstable

The location of thallium 1 in A. is not or loosened. 98.07N can be used for the calibration of the dynamometer and then fix the thallium 1.

The position of B. hanging plate 17 is too close. Adjustment method is: the hanging plate 17 spherical and hanging 16 sets between keep certain distance, adjust the top spindle, the indicator on the little hands over the red point, pointer over C (o) and a half circle to circle, hanging the spherical surface of the disc and a hanging sleeve of cone contact, then the back nut 18 can be tightened.

C. spindle system with large friction. Can clean the spindle system.

2, adjust the loading speed to the specified range

A. buffer oil viscosity does not meet the requirements, can be replaced by suitable oil.

B. oil needle end face of the steel ball is lost, not on the ball.

Adhesion of dirt on the inverse of the piston end face of c..

D. clearance between the piston and the cylinder is too large to replace the piston.

3, HR-150A type hardness tester total test force is very poor or unstable

A. leverage ratio. The available force measuring instrument calibration the main blade 2.

B. pivot blade loose or wear. Can be tightened or repair the edge of the grinding blade, wear can replace the fulcrum of the knife edge.

C. main blade 2 and spindle end face contact is not good. Can adjust the fulcrum knife, so that the lever does not shake.

The D. pivot knife is clamped on both ends of the cutter blade, and the knife edge is clamped to make the friction increase. The grinding blade angle to pivot the block piece and ends with a 0.05mm gap edge fulcrum.

4, plus the main test force when there is a shock

Due to lack of oil caused by the buffer, the buffer fill up.

5, HR-150A type hardness tester buffer piston down is not smooth

Due to the loosening of the buffer or the installation is not caused by. Should tighten 3 screws or adjust the 3 top wire to make the buffer level (no more than 0.2/1000mm).

6, indicating the value is low and the bigger the more

A. head damaged, replace the new head.

The B. load is badly lost, and the measuring instrument is used to calibrate the instrument.

C. pressure head is not installed, check and put in prison pressure head.

D. indicator damage, replace the new indicator.

7, 13.B scale value is not qualified (its ruler qualified)

A. steel ball diameter super poor, replacement of qualified steel ball.

B. head rod ball, head pressure hole, and the thread is not caused by concentric. Replacement of qualified pressure head and sleeve.

C. steel ball loose. Tighten the pressure head, fixed ball.



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