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HLN-11A leeb hardness tester




Name:HLN-11A leeb hardness tester



Category:leeb hardness tester


Place of origin:Jinan Laizhou



  Product overview:

Hln-11a Leeb hardness tester is a new type of portable hardness testing instrument, hln-11a Leeb hardness tester. It is mainly used in hardness test of metallic materials, has the advantages of high precision, small volume, easy to operate, easy to carry, wide measuring range, it is to Leeb hardness principle, measured on the Richter scale (HL) hardness values through the program automatically converted into Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Xiao Shideng the hardness of the value, can also configure various test accessories to meet in various test conditions and environment, hln-11a Leeb hardness tester. It is mainly used in rapid hardness test of metallic materials, especially suitable for large parts and components are disassembled field hardness testing.

Functional characteristics:

Can test six hardness system (HV, HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HS), mutual conversion between can and.

Can be equipped with six different percussion device (D, DC, D+15, C, DL, G).

Automatic identification device for impact type (D, DC, D+15, C, DL, G).

The key of small, easy to operate, can direct the selection of test materials and testing through the keyboard.

The printer and the host can be separated.

Can print test results.

Technical specifications and parameters of HLN-11A hardness:

Can test the hardness HL, HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS

The test precision of relative error was 0.8%, indicating the repeatability error 0.8 (HLD=800) for details see table two

Standard impact device D impact device (see Appendix)

Limit set measuring range (170 ~ 960) HLD

The optional C /DC impact device D/ / D+15 / DL/ G

At the same time with a number of impact device set

Computer interface

Display text English,

Screen display without backlight

Test in arbitrary direction

No data storage

Measurement of the maximum hardness of the workpiece 940HV (D/DC/DL/D+15/C shock device)

Measurement of the radius of curvature of the workpiece Rmin=50mm (with a special-shaped ring Rmin=10mm)

Recognition function automatically identifies the type of impact device

The type of printer can pull pin type printer

Test material quantity of 9 kinds (excluding stainless steel) details see Appendix 1;

Automatic detection voltage

Power supply rechargeable battery NIMH4.8V, 1200mAh

Charger 9V75mA

Exterior size 270 * 86 * 47mm

Weight 650g (including impact devices and printers)

Extended reading:

Error generated by data conversion

Leeb Hardness Conversion for other hardness error includes two aspects, on the one hand is the Leeb hardness measurement error, which involves in the same way repeated experimental dispersion and for the errors of multiple types of hln-11a Leeb hardness meter. On the other hand is the hardness to produce the error measured by the comparison of different methods of hardness tests, this is because there is no clear physical relationship between all kinds of hardness test method, and by the comparison between measurement uncertainty effects. Hardness Conversion HLN-11A hardness is automatically completed, Brinell, Rockwell, it can be used to directly determine the Vivtorinox hardness standard block Hardness Conversion error.

The error in the detection of gear

Generally, hln-11a Leeb hardness tester for modulus greater than 7 gear face detection is can guarantee the precision, but the gear modulus less than 7, due to the smaller tooth surface, measurement error is relatively large. In this regard, the user can according to the design of the corresponding fixture, there will be helpful to reduce the error.

The effect of elastic and plastic materials

Richter values are not only related with the hardness, strength, more related to the elastic modulus, hardness is hardness and plasticity of characteristic parameters, because the two are extremely necessarily Co determination. The elastic modulus of E is obviously influenced by the part, firstly, the static hardness as the material is the same, but the E value is not at the same time, the low E value of material, the bigger value of L. According to the elastic modulus, the type of alloy and heat treatment can be classified for various materials.


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