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LX-A portable rubber shore hardness tester




Name:LX-A portable rubber shore hardness tester



Category:portable rubber shore hardness tester


Place of origin:Jinan Laizhou



  Product overview:

LX-A portable shore hardness tester is suitable for low hardness plastic, leather, all kinds of rubber, multiple fat, wax and other hardness testing equipment. This product conforms to the national GB/T531-1999 standard and other related standards.

Functional characteristics:

The pointer type indicates that the reading is convenient, accurate and precise.

Portable design, easy to carry, can be hand-held measurement, can also be installed on the supporting test bench test

Technical parameters and specifications:

Dial value: 0 ~ 100HA

Recommended measurement range: 10 ~ 90HA

Pressure pin stroke: 2.5mm

Needle head size: diameter of 0.79mm

Outline dimension: 115 * 60 * 25MM

Weight: ~ 0.5kg


Extended reading:

LX-A shore hardness tester use requirements

1, before the test should check the hardness of the pointer in the free state should point to zero. If the pointer deviation from zero, you can loose the upper right corner of the screw, the rotation of the surface, aligned to zero. Then the hardness pressure on the glass plate, the pressure to end face of the needle and pressure on the plantar side in tight contact with the glass plate, the pointer should point to the 100 + / - 1ha, if not pointing to 100 + / - 1ha can be slightly by pressing the pressure needle several times, if still not 100 + / - 1ha, the hardness meter can not be used. As in the shore a hardness meter testing machine frame using, slide the handle, and rose to the fixed charge weight lifted, so that the pressure to end of the needle and pressure foot plane in tight contact with the glass table, the pointer should point to the 100 + / - 1ha. If you do not refer to 100+/-1HA, you can adjust the working table adjustment screw, if the adjustment is still not refers to the 100+/-1HA pointer, the best to send the production unit is appropriate to adjust.

2, rubber samples and test temperature requirements

A. rubber specimen thickness is not less than 6mm, the width is not less than 15mm, the length of not less than 35mm, when the sample thickness is less than 6mm, can be used for the same film overlap measurement, but not more than 3 layers. And requires film up and down parallel.

B, when the test room temperature is 23 degrees Celsius 5 degrees Celsius, before the verification of the hardness tester at this temperature for at least 1 hours.

3, plastic samples and test temperature requirements

A. plastic sample is square, length of 50mm, thickness of 6mm. Also allows the use of 50 x 15mm of the sample.

B. in the case of possible, the sample should be in accordance with the provisions of the GB/T2941-1991 before testing in the laboratory standard temperature adjustment. The comparison test or series of tests must be carried out at the same temperature.

4, rubber and plastic samples surface should be smooth, smooth, no mechanical damage and impurities and other defects.

5, the hardness of the use of 35000 times, it is recommended to use 10000 or so according to the provisions of the GB531 check the spring pressure and the scale of the pointer and the size of the needle end of the shape.

6, the hardness of the use is completed, into the instrument box or instrument box, place the dry place, prevent damp.

7, determination of frame of the lifting shaft and the table at the bottom of the load, please note that often wipe clean, coated with a small amount of rust preventive oil to prevent rusting.

8, using the shore hardness of the time, when the A type hardness tester is less than 10HA is not accurate, the measurement results can not be used. The A type hardness tester is recommended to use the D type hardness tester when measuring the value of the 90HA type hardness tester.


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