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GGW-50/65 pipe bending machine




Name:GGW-50/65 pipe bending machine

Model:GGW-50  GGW-65

Category:Steel tube bending test machine| Bending test machine


Place of origin:Jinan



  Product overview:

GGW-50/GGW-60 steel tube bending test machine is a kind of process equipment for cold bending test of steel pipe. The main technical parameters in accordance with the GB/T244-2008 "metal tube bending test method", "GB/T3091-2008 welded steel pipe for low pressure liquid delivery" bending test regulations and requirements, the ideal test equipment for steel bending performance of this device and the construction unit testing of steel tubes, which can be widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, steel structure, building materials, prefabricated steel pipe production other enterprises and quality supervision, engineering quality inspection station, scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions and other units, is the test equipment of cold bending tests on cold bending properties of all kinds of steel indispensable.

Functional characteristics:

The test machine consists of frame, workbench, disc, reducer, pressing device, electric control box, safety protection and bending accessories, has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, large bearing capacity, stable operation, low noise, and the bending angle display features of intuitive, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance etc.. In order to ensure the safety of operation personnel and equipment, testing machine is also equipped with a limit mechanism of reliable, when electrical control part is out of control or operation can be timely stop the operation of equipment.

Technical parameter:

Type specification



The maximum diameter of test



Bend angle

0-120°setting free

Working speed


And from the heart



Diameter of working plate



Bar bending attachment

 φ20φ40/or optional

φ30φ50/or optional

Motor power



Machine appearance



Machine weight




Extended reading:

The advantages of steel pipe bending testing machine

GGW-50/GGW-60 bending test machine is a relatively large power of a machine, the machine model is huge, but the detection of the strength of the material is very high, after all, is you bend, the intensity should be relatively high number.

Steel pipe bending testing machine performance is complete, good quality and has a compact structure and a small volume, simple operation and easy to master, the bending angle of visual digital display, stable operation, low noise, reliable operation, long service life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance, simple lubrication characteristics etc.. The characteristics of GGW-50/GGW-60 bending test machine is designed limiting and wearing more reasonable, the vulnerability of blade replacement, so the service life is long. The stress at any point of the metal under external force, can use force components and shear stress components that is on the cross section. With the range of different sections, the normal stress and shear stress are different relative values. One section is the maximum stress, is the point of maximum stress is the stress components. Another section is the maximum shear stress, maximum shear stress of the stress components. Such as the tensile test, the vertical section is the maximum stress, sigma degree; GGW-50/GGW-60 bending test machine 45 degrees direction section shear stress is maximum, 1/2 Sigma degrees. So when the maximum tensile stress normal stress and shear stress were studied and 1/2 sigma degree for general complex stress state, the maximum equivalent stress and strain. According to the mechanics of the second and the third strength theories to solve. The uniaxial tensile test, the two ends of the sample loading, the working section of the specimen under axial tensile stress along the axial elongation, generally to breaking up. The test process experiences three failure forms, namely excessive elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture. Determination of resistance of samples of the external load, can calculate the strength index of material, determination of the sample in the breaking degree of plastic deformation, calculate the plastic index of material. It has some practical significance of these performance indicators, design index, material selection, mainly on the basis of project evaluation and materials inspection.

The difference between three point bending and four point bending

Three point bending definition: a test method for measuring the flexural properties of a material. The strip flat sample placed in bend test jig, the form of a simply supported beam, the sample support support the distance between the two apparent specimen length adjustable, and above the sample only a loading point and three point bending formula: S=3FL/2bh.

Four point bending definition: a test method for measuring the flexural properties of a material. The strip sample is put in the bending test fixture, and the form of a simple supported beam is formed. The distance between the two lower support points of the supporting sample is adjustable, and the top of the sample is two symmetrical loading points.

Bending strength: the maximum bending strength of the specimen before bending is reached, and the bending strength is calculated in different ways according to the load mode and the shape of the sample. For the width of B, the height is h of the rectangular specimen, four point bending formula: S=FL/bh (American Standard).

Generally have two kinds of loading stress, three point bending and four point bending, is also different in different ways of loading and bending strength, two loading methods each have advantages and disadvantages, three point bending loading mode is simple, due to the single centralized loading and bending uneven distribution, somewhere in the parts of the defects may does not show up, to reach the effect, four point bending moment distribution. The test result is more accurate, but press clamping structure complex, industrial production is seldom used.


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