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GW-40B/50B reinforced bar bending machine




Name:GW-40B/50B reinforced bar bending machine

Model:GW-40B  GW-50B

Category:reinforced bar bending machine | GW-40B/ bending machine


Place of origin:Jinan



Product overview:

GW series of 40B/50B reinforced bar bending machine is a kind of process equipment for cold bending test and reverse bending test of steel plane. The main parameters meet the GB/T1499.2-2007 the reinforced concrete with steel - Part 2: hot rolled ribbed bar "and YB/T5126-2003 reinforced concrete with reinforcing steel bending and reverse bending test method" of the relevant provisions. Can be widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, steel structure, precast concrete, built industry and trade building materials and steel production enterprise and the quality of supervision and engineering quality inspection station, scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions and other units, test thread steel cold bending property and anti bending performance of an ideal test equipment.

Functional characteristics:

Test machine rack, workbench, disc, reducer, pressing device, electric control box, safety protective cover accessories and bending etc, has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, large bearing capacity, stable operation, low noise, and the bending angle display features of intuitive, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance etc.. In order to ensure the safety of operation personnel and equipment, testing machine is also equipped with a limit mechanism of reliable, when electrical control part is out of control or operation can be timely stop the operation of equipment.

Technical parameter:


Type specification



Maximum diameter of test



Forward bending angle

0-180 degree arbitrary set

Reverse bending angle

0-25 degree in any setting

Working disk speed


Roller center distance



Diameter of working plate



Support arm adjustment mode

Electric adjustment

Bending heart accessories

HRB-335/φ6-φ40/Or optional

HRB-335/φ6-φ50/Or optional

Motor power



Machine appearance



The weight of the machine





Extended reading:

GW-40 reinforced bar bending machine operation

For a period of 1, in the interception of metal wire to be tested on 200mm-500mm, straightening, straightening shall not damage the surface of the wire.

2, in accordance with the table size selection parameters of wire clip arc radius r, clip arc top to the bottom surface of the lever and the lever hole distance b, phi, pay per clip are printed for the selection of digital arc radius.

There are four holes perpendicular to the 3, the main rod, adjusting pull rod direction can get what you need a hole.

4, the rocker arm in the vertical position, and the initial state of the sample test, penetrate the first clip in the bottom of the hole play a double game, and then vertically upward from the lower lever through the deflector rod hole then penetrates into the clip to the top of the handle on the upper rotating clamping chuck wire.

5, with his hand on the chuck down by 15-25mm after the steady rotation of the main clamping piece at the lower end of the bending clamping handle.

6, bending test specimens, should use a uniform speed (about 1 times per second).

7, counting from the starting position is curved curved to the right 90 degrees, the sample return to the starting position for the first time, then bend to the left 90 degrees, and then return to the starting position of broken specimens is second times and so on to the sample until the last GW-40 steel bending test machine number excluding specimen broken.

The circular arc surface 8, clip after long-term use if broken traces should replace the clip

9, an oil cup and a relative sliding should maintain frequent refueling, lubrication.

10, after use should be clean and coated with anti rust oil to prevent rust.

GW-40 reinforced bar bending machine note

1, check the mechanical performance is good, work table and bending machine table level; and prepare various mandrel retaining tool.

2, according to the diameter of steel and GW-40 steel bending test machine for packed core shaft, forming axle retaining iron shaft or variable block frame, axle diameter should be 2.5 times the diameter of steel bar.

3, check the core shaft, block, rotary table should be no damage and crack, the protective cover fastened by air, machine operation can confirm the normal operation.

4, the operation, the reinforcement of the need to bend a head inserted in the fixed part of the fixed end of the gap, the other end close to the fuselage and fixed by hand, check the body fixed, indeed installed in the side of the steel bars can be started.

5, the operation is strictly prohibited to replace the core shaft and the transformation of the angle and speed and other operations, also not to refuel or clear.

6, bending steel bars, is prohibited to process more than the mechanical requirements of the diameter of the steel bar, and the number of mechanical speed.

7, bending high hardness or low alloy steel bar, should be according to GW-40 steel bending test machine for the maximum limit of the size of the standard, and replace the corresponding core shaft.

8, is strictly prohibited in the curved reinforcement radius of operation and no body fixed to one side of the station. Bending good semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, the hook is not up.

9, when the turntable to change, must be stopped after the steady.


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