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WDS-H series digital display ring stiffness testing machine




Name:WDS-H series digital display ring stiffness testing machine


Category: digital display ring stiffness testing machine

Model:WDS-10H   WDS-20H   WDS-50H

             WDS-100H     WDS-200H

Place of origin:Jinan



Overview of functional applications:

WDS-H series digital ring stiffness testing machine includes WDS-10H, WDS-20H, WDS-50H, WDS-100H, WDS-200H five kinds of types of ring stiffness testing machine, this machine is mainly used for doing all kinds of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility and flat test, according to the special needs of the user can also increase tensile, compression, bending, functional testing, which belongs to the multi - function electronic universal testing machine.


Product features:

1 for the irregular inner diameter of the tube and the thickness of the thickness of the measurement device to measure the deformation of the measuring device, high precision, accurate and reliable control.

2. Digital display by the MCU to complete data acquisition and processing, liquid crystal display test force and the amount of deformation and compression speed, and can print record, deformation and compression speed can be preset, test data need artificial calculation and finishing.


Technical parameter:

Product name

Digital display type ring stiffness testing machine







Maximum test force(KN






Effective measurement range

full scale 2%~100%

Accuracy of test force

better than indicating value±1%

Displacement measurement accuracy

better than indicating value±1%

Displacement resolutionmm


Deformation measurement accuracy

better than indicating value±1%

Deformation resolution


Beam displacement velocitymm/min

0.05-500 stepless speed regulation

0.05-300 stepless speed regulation

Speed accuracy

better than indicating value±2%

Maximum test diameter

According to the requirements of the user sample, the diameter range of 0~3000mm

Effective test width

Customized according to the requirements of users, more than 20% of the maximum diameter

Host power

1.5KW, 220V±10%

2.5KW, 380V±10%

work environment

Room temperature 10~35 C, humidity 20%~80%

Use standard

GB, ISO, ASTM and industry standards


Extended reading:

Calibration of force value of WDS-H digital display ring stiffness testing machine

1 the standard dynamometer on the work table, which is placed under the pressure plate on the dynamometer.

2. According to the test space to determine the direction of movement of the beam, for space need to press the down button, so that the beam reaches the right position, and for small space just need to press the up keys to achieve the appropriate location manually loaded. In this process, the operation of WDS-H series digital display ring stiffness testing machine testing machine should be carried out at the minimum speed.

3. To observe the WDS-H digital ring stiffness tester screen display data and dynamometer readings are the same, if the deviation is large, by aligning key adjusted, specific deviations should be equal to or higher than standard test required to set.

4 for the sub files of the equipment, the need for several times in the same way to calibrate the various files, and for the non - file, the operation is simple.

Ring stiffness test machine host power is not bright or can not move up and down the solution

One, the host power is not bright, can not move up and down

1 check the connection of the power supply circuit of the test machine with the ring stiffness test machine;

2 check the emergency stop switch is in a state of;

3 check whether the power supply voltage of the test machine is normal;

4 check the ring stiffness test machine socket on the burn off, please take out the spare fuse can be installed.

Two, the host power supply, but the device can not move up and down

1 check whether the 15S (time) after the device is still unable to move, because the host boot need to self-test, probably need 15S time;

2 check the upper and lower bounds on the appropriate location, there is a certain operating space;

3 check whether the power supply voltage of the test machine is normal.


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