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WDW-H series microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine




Name:WDW-H series microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine

Model:WDW-20H   WDW-50H   WDW-100H

Category:microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine |  ring stiffness testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan


Product overview:

WDW-H series of microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine mainly has three models including WDW-20H, WDW-50H, WDW-100H ring stiffness testing machine is my company's new generation of automatic control test machine. The machine adopts computer automatic control, real-time display of the experimental data and test curves, and external printer to print the experimental report.


Functional use:

Ring stiffness testing machine is mainly used for determination of the maximum stress value, upper and lower yield strength, compression, ring stiffness, ring flexibility, drawing pipe, pipe creep ratio series of experiments.


Product features:

1, the machine adopts double column frame structure; pull, under pressure.

2, speed control system based on servo control system and servo motor, stable and reliable performance, over-current, over-voltage, overload protection and other mechanical device.

3, the transmission part adopts arc synchronous belt, precision ball screw drive, stable transmission, low noise, high transmission efficiency.

4, a universal joint with a cross bolt structure, but also has swing angle limit function, on the one hand, for a sample clamping and ensure the concentricity of the test, on the other hand good eliminates the effects of regular sample of the sensor.

5, equipped with a special ring stiffness deformation measuring device, make the deformation more accurate results.

6, three kinds of models for 1000mm, 2000mm, Phi Phi Phi diameter is less than 3000mm.

Techinical parameter:





Maximum test force(KN)




overload protection

Over the full range of 2%-5%

structural style

Door type frame structure

Compression space(mm)

0-800Can be customized

Effective test width



Range of test force measurement

Full range of 2% ~ 100%FS

Test force measurement accuracy

Better than set value±1%within

Deformation measurement accuracy

Better than set value±1%

Deformation measurement range

Extensometer 2%-100% of full range

Force constant velocity control range


Force constant velocity control precision

Better than set value±1%

Displacement constant velocity control range



Displacement measurement resolution


Displacement constant velocity control precision

Better than set value±1%

Deformation constant velocity control range


Deformation constant velocity control precision

Better than set value±1%

PC configuration

Lenovo brand computer, HP color inkjet printer

Power Supply








Device configuration

 tension and compression set each other aids, AIDS should be optional

Extended reading:

WDW-20H/50H/100H microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine using environmental requirements

1 temperature in the range of -5 to 45;

2 relative humidity below 82%;

3 in the absence of significant electromagnetic interference and the surrounding environment without corrosive media;

4 in the absence of shock, no vibration in the environment;

5 around the test machine should be kept not less than 0.7m of space, the working environment is clean, no dust;

6.WDW ring stiffness testing machine main frame and rack in a stable level based on the correct installation.

7 power: AC three phase five wire 380V + 10% 5A 50Hz.

Component description

1 main machine: here the WDW-20H/50H/100H microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine main structure similar to the structure of the electronic universal testing machine with two arms, divided into two spaces, the general situation on the pull down pressure.

2 load sensor: the parts are based on the user's choice of test force and precision to determine the.

3 power system: mainly including AC servo motor and AC servo drive two parts.

4 screw rod: precision ball screw

5 displacement sensor

6 data control and data acquisition card

7 control system: professional version of the test machine application software

8 computer systems: including Lenovo brand computers and color inkjet printers

9 attachment: conventional tensile attachment and ring stiffness of ring flexibility test report

10 inside diameter measurement system

11 test items: WDW-20H/50H/100H is suitable for tensile, compression, bending, shear, stripping and other mechanical properties test, such as GB, JIS, ASTM, ISO, DIN and other standards.


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