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WAW-L series microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo steel wire testing machine




Name:WAW-L series microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo steel wire testing machine

Model:WAW-600L   WAW-1000L

Category:WAW-L series microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo steel wire testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan



First, product overview:

WAW-L type series of microcomputer control of electro-hydraulic servo steel wire testing machine mainly two types WAW-600L and WAW1000L steel strand test machine dedicated to test on mechanical properties of prestressed steel strand, the machine is equipped with Lenovo computer, Hewlett Packard printers, large scale from electronic extensometer, photoelectric encoder and complete functions of the general test software, can be very convenient to complete the function test; the other is equipped with steel strand special lengthening jaw to ensure the specimen fracture. So as to further improve the test success rate. Test results can query and print (force displacement, force - deformation, the stress and displacement, stress and strain, stress, deformation time) six curves and experimental data, with self checking function of the software, can self fault diagnosis, Cheung see software. The tensile strength of steel strand, the specified non proportional extension strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other mechanical properties were measured. Is an industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision station and other departments of the ideal test equipment.

Second, program description:

1 host

The host adopts the cylinder under the host, the stretching space is located at the top of the host, and the compression test space is located between the main beam and the working platform.

2 transmission system

Under the beam lifting motor through reducer, chain drive, screw pair drive, to achieve the adjustment of tension, compression space.

3 hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank is driven by the motor to drive the high pressure pump into the oil path, through the one-way valve, the high pressure oil filter, the pressure difference valve group and the servo valve. The computer sends out the control signal to the servo valve, controls the opening and direction of the servo valve, so as to control the flow of the oil cylinder, and realize the control of constant velocity test force, constant velocity displacement and so on.

4, control system

4.1 function profile

A. support for tensile, compression, shear, bending and other tests;

B. supports open editing testing, editing standards, and editing steps, and supporting the export import test, standards, and procedures;

C. supports custom test parameters;

D. uses the open EXCEL report form, supports the user to customize the report form;

E. query print test results are flexible and convenient, support for printing a number of samples, custom sort print project;

F. program comes with a powerful test analysis;

G. program supports hierarchical management two (administrators, testers) user management rights;

4.2 software description

A. the main interface in multi functions in one, the main program interface includes: system menu, toolbar, showing the value display panel, speed display panel, test parameters, test process zone, multigraph curve area, the results of treatment of area and test information area.

B. curve drawing: software system provides a wealth of test curves show. Such as force displacement curve, force deformation curve, stress displacement curve, stress deformation curve, force time curve, deformation time curve.

C. data processing and analysis interface: according to the user requirements automatically seek, ReH, ReL, Fm, Rp0.2, Rt0.5, Rm, E and other test results.

D. test report interface: the software operating system provides a powerful report processing function, customers can print out their own needs according to their own needs of the test report. Test data can be stored, printed, and then analyzed.

5 safety protection device

A. when the test force exceeds the maximum test force of 3%, overload protection, pump motor stop.

B. when the piston rises to reach the limit position, the stroke protection, pump motor stop.

Third,main techinical parameter:

Product name

Computer controlled electro hydraulic servo steel wire testing machine

Product model 



Structure way 

Cylinder lower host structure

Maximum test forceKN)





Range of test force measurement


Relative error of test force

Indicating value±1%

Force resolution


Deformation measuring device

Electronic extensometer

Relative error of deformation indication

Indicating value±0.5%

Displacement measuring device

Photoelectric encoder

Relative error of displacement indication

Indicating value±1%

Displacement resolutionmm


Beam adjustment speedmm/min


Piston Max strokemm


control mode

Three closed loop control and program control

Safety protection device

Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection

Effective tensile spacemm


Effective compression spacemm


Clamping mode

Hydraulic automatic clamping

Piston maximum movement ratemm/min


Column spacingmm



Steel strand clamping diametermm



The next sizemm


Main engine sizemm



Host powerkw



Oil source control cabinet outline dimensionsmm



Control cabinet power supplykw



Host weightkg





Extended reading:

Operation rules of WAW-600L and WAW1000L steel strand testing machine

One, ready enough samples, sample length of 1000mm or so.

Two, start: first open the computer power, and then open the host power.

Three, parameter settings: in the test report column select test data option; the correct input of environmental conditions.

Four, clamping specimen:

1, boot, press the power switch, press the start switch pump, start the oil pump motor, adjust the supply oil valve rotary handle makes the testing table rise about 5 mm, via a button on the manual control box, adjust the beam position, beam and testing table have not less than 250mm of testing table rise space. According to the manual control box on the "release" and "clamping" button the upper jaw clamping one end of the specimen, then the load cleared, and the lower jaw clamping the other end of the specimen. In calculating the maximum tensile strength of the steel strand, it should be at the two ends of the specimen will be stuck with a L14*14*180 emery 1.5mm thick aluminum sheet fixed on the specimen and together with the aluminum sheet into clamping jaws.

2, holding the extensometer, the extensometer is clamped on the middle part of the sample, pull out the adjustment range of iron extensometer. Test when the load exceeds the yield strength, knocking about the spacebar on the computer keyboard, the extensometer is taken to prevent the extensometer is damaged.

Five, the test process:

Off the oil return valve, speed monitor shows that open air valve loading, in the elastic stage of sample and loading rate basically remained stable. After the yield point can be appropriate to speed up the loading rate. At this time, the load value, the deformation amount and the test rate of the sample are displayed on the load, the deformation and the rate display window, until the test is over. After the test is finished, the sample is taken off by hand control box. Close the oil delivery valve, open the oil return valve, press OFF to close the oil pump motor. Save and print test results.

Six, close the host power supply, turn off the computer power, the end of the test.


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