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YAW-300C full automatic cement anti bending and compression testing machine




Name:YAW-300C full automatic cement anti bending and compression testing machine


Category:Full automatic pressure testing machine |pressure testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan



 One, function overview:

YAW-300C automatic pressure testing machine for conforms to the standard of GB / t17671-1999 cement glue sand strength compressive strength, flexural test, using a duplex test space, with one machine with dual-purpose, space saving, easy to operate, and other advantages.

Two, main technical parameter:


Maximum test force


Relative error of test force


Upper and lower pressure plate size


Upper and lower pressure plate maximum spacing


Piston Max stroke


Piston diameter


Rated pressure of hydraulic pump


Motor power


Outline dimensio





Extended reading:

Test error and solution of YAW-300C pressure testing machine

1, the error is not installed correctly

YAW-300C full automatic cement anti bending test machine installation is not level, will increase the friction between the moving parts, the influence of vertical installation, so as to bring the error of the test machine.

(1) on the part of the host installation level: between the piston and cylinder will generate friction, between the test machine platform and side of the column wheel will create friction, resulting in the error, the general performance is positive difference, and the error increases with the load decreases.

(2) part of a dynamometer installed level: if dynamometer before and after installation is not level, will make the pendulum shaft between the bearing friction, the error general performance for the negative difference. In the synthesis of the above two factors, the characteristics of the error are small load, and the influence of the error is small.

2, the error caused by friction resistance

(1) the main parts of the friction resistance of the main machine: the friction resistance of the YAW-300C fully automatic cement anti bending and compression testing machine mainly occurs between the working cylinder and the working piston. In addition to the factors out of level installation, cylinder dirt, oil viscosity is too large, it will cause the increase of friction resistance. In addition, the working platform guide position is not appropriate will result in increased friction with the side of the column.

(2) the friction resistance dynamometer: dynamometer produced friction caused by many reasons, such as cylinder for measuring force and the measured force between the piston and the dirt, oil viscosity is too large, indicating device driven needle friction, gear rod with oil, dirt or toothed bar upper spacing pieces pressed too tight measured force piston belt wear and tear.

3, elimination method

For the above error, should first check YAW-300C automatic cement anti fold compression testing machine is installed level of the host with box type level gauge in the outer ring of the working cylinder are perpendicular to each other in two directions of leveling. Of dynamometer in the pendulum rod positive adjustment dynamometer levels before and after, the pendulum swing rod and the edge of the inner side of the reticle alignment fixed with horizontal feet by on a swing rod side to adjust the body around. Oil cylinder internal organs can be put oil to clean and replace the appropriate viscosity of oil. Dynamometer indicating device driven needle of the friction is too large, gear rod too dirty, use gasoline cleaning and adjust the clamping screw and gear lever upper bit slice, changing measuring piston force belt. All of these can be to achieve the purpose of eliminating the errors and make the YAW-300C pressure testing machine to achieve an acceptable use.


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