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NDW series microcomputer control material torsion testing machine




Name:NDW series microcomputer control material torsion testing machine


Category: material torsion testing machine | Spring testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan


First, product overview:

The NDW series testing machine load by computer control Japan imported AC servo control system, through an AC servo motor, cycloidal pin wheel reducer driven active chuck rotation load, torque and torsion angle detection with high precision torque sensor and photoelectric encoder, the computer dynamic display torsion test torque angle curve, loading rate and peak test power and so on. The method meets the requirements of GB10128-88 test method for torsion test at room temperature.

Second, the scope of application:

The testing machine is mainly used for torsion testing of metallic materials or non-metallic materials is analyzed, the parts or components of the torsion tests were carried out, aerospace, building materials industry, transportation, scientific research departments, all kinds of colleges and universities, and industrial and mining enterprises Mechanics Laboratory for determination of material to reverse the necessary performance testing instruments.

Third, function and characteristics:

1 loading mode: imported AC servo motor and drive, can be used in two directions of the torque;

2 torque and torsion angle detection: the use of high precision symmetrical torque sensor, torsion angle detection using high-precision LEC type photoelectric encoder. Operation: with manual operation (with the reverse manual operation button) and computer operation in two ways;

. based on Windows platform under the special control software of the man-machine interactive mode analysis and calculation of the mechanical performance of the material to be tested, test data automatic processing, dynamic display curve test, test results can store, print, or artificial intervention analysis process to improve the analysis accuracy.

Fourth、NDW series microcomputer control material torsion testing machine main performance index:


Project name
Main specifications
Maximum test torque
Precise torque measurement range
Relative error of test torque indication
≤±1%(Precision grade±0.5%)
Repeatability relative error of test torque indication
Less than 1% since each range 20%
Angle measurement range
Angular relative error
Corner display minimum resolution
Twist angle (small angle measurement) shows the minimum resolution
Twisting speed range
0.18°—720°/min,Stepless speed regulation
Test speed accuracy
better than Indicating value±1%
Test rotation direction
Two side
supply voltage
the maximum distance between two chucks
Specimen size
Closed loop control with full digital microcomputer
With overload protection function


Extended reading:

Failure analysis of samples of metal torsion testing machine

When the specimen under torsion, material is in the state of pure shear stress, torsion of circular shaft cross section with the maximum shear stress R. At + 450 on the inclined plane, respectively. The maximum tensile stress and maximum compressive stress sigma 1 sigma 2, and their absolute values are equal to t. The shear strength of low carbon steel (plastic material) is weaker than that of tensile capacity, so the specimen is damaged by torsion, and the fracture is flush, and cut off (cut) along its cross section. Cast iron brittle material compressive strength, anti cut (cut) were strong in tensile strength, so that a sample by torsion failure, along the 450 direction is pulled, fracture into a helical. The fracture surfaces of the two materials are shown below.


Speed rotation chuck

The deformation speed of the NDW microcomputer control material torsion testing machine is generally controlled by the control of the motor speed reducer, and the speed regulation can be adjusted in a large range. Speed control by the operation of the machine control panel button to control. Speed adjustment can be more demand for arbitrary adjustment for the fast running state can be slow running state. At the same time can be selected in the rotating direction of the rotating chuck, can choose the forward and reverse direction two. The torsion test is another important stress state, which is usually used to study the mechanical properties of different materials under the condition of pure shear stress. NDW microcomputer control material torsion testing machine can not only be used for torque test of materials with different loading can also be used for all auto parts, standard parts, bolts, welding parts of your group for performance test.


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