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EZ-20 large diameter metal wire torsion testing machine


EZ-20 type metal wire torsion testing machine is applicable to new test equipment in large size wire torsion test. EZ-20 is mainly used for the determination of diameter with 10- with 20mm metal wire rope in one-way and two-way reverse under the capacity of plastic deformation, the testing process can show the wire surface defects. Incoming inspection is very suitable for the production of wire unit on-line detection and use wire unit.


The test machine for the rotational speed of 15--20 rpm, stepless speed regulation. Clamping wire length 200--500mm, axial force using 10:1 lever weighting motor power, automatic start rotation motor test, test piece fracture after the automatic shutdown. Test coil number by 4 LED digital tube display, display the maximum for 999.9 laps, the fracture of the specimen after numerical automatic blocking test ring.

Three,Main purposes:

EZ-20 large diameter metal wire torsion testing machine based on the provisions of the "GB/T239-1999" test method of wire torsion technology demands. Is a digital wire model developed by our factory's torsion testing machine, mainly used for torsion test with 15 ~ 20 with metal wire. For the determination of metal wire under the plastic deformation ability and the display surface and internal defects of wire in one-way or two-way torsion. Provides a reliable means for measuring the production of wire rod and wire using unit.

Four,Working condition of testing machine:

1 in the range of 350C ~ 100C at room temperature;

2 on a solid foundation or bench, properly installed, its level is less than 0.2%;

3 in a vibration free environment;

Non corrosive media around 4;

5 power three-phase four wire 380V + 10% 50HZ


Five,the structure characteristics and working principle of the testing machine.

1.EZ-20 metal wire torsion testing machine is composed of two parts of mechanical part and electrical equipment. Wire torsion turns counting for electronic counting, counting the minimum value of up to 0.1 ring. In the process of test of axial force, in accordance with the standard applied rotation strength, test specimen broken circle number of latches, termination of the trial are controlled by the electronic circuit, the operation is simple and convenient.

The right end of the machine is 2 axially movable chuck, chuck movement of the sliding bearing, the friction resistance is small, reliable guarantee the axial movement of flatness. Axial force using 10:1 lever weight loading, the weight of the accuracy is better than 0.1%. The machine is at the left end of the apron, 0.5kW apron by motor, which can move around, slide inside by a double speed motor, gear box, optical encoder and rotatable collet. The leftmost machine with the left shift limit switch, to ensure safety of equipment.



serial number

Project name

Specifications and index


detection of wire diameter  (mm)



two chuck concentricity  (mm)



 flatness of the moving guide in the full range  (mm)



maximum distance between the two chuck(mm)



reverse rotation speed (RPM)

15 - 20 rpm


hardness of the jaw

HRC 55~65


axial force of weight



test machine noise




Extended reading:

Large diameter metal wire testing machine for torsion test to judge the test results invalid

A damage surface of the sample, or distortion; test before straightening, large bending; specimen at the test before the heat treatment.

Two. The slip phenomenon of torsion test wire, is generally the blessing in the process of clamping or clamp hardness is not enough and unreasonable design.

Three. To determine the location of fracture test is invalid in the range from two times the diameter of the chuck, this is generally because of the sample in the process of clamping chuck and the center point deviation or chuck concentricity does not meet the requirements of the.

Large diameter metal wire torsion testing machine appears above will determine the experimental results by understanding the causes of invalid, can be avoided.

EZ-20 metal wire torsion test gauge length selection calculation

There do not know how to choose the gauge length of many customers in the EZ-20 metal wire torsion test, chuck scale distance between the maximum length is 300mm. The following is according to the calculation method:

Wire nominal diameter of D or D feature size between chuck gauge length

0.1 = D (D) <1 200D (D)

1 = D (D) <5 100D (D)

5 = D (D) = 10 50D (D)

10<d (D) = 14 22d (D)


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