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WAL series microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo horizontal tension testing machine







Name: WAL series microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo horizontal tension testing machine


Category:horizontal tension testing machine | Material tensile testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan





First, product overview:

Wal series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine can be divided into WAL-600, WAL1000, WAL2000, WAL3000 several types of is the length of the specimen for 500~3100mm, load value in 600-3000KN industrial chain, rope, wire and other specimens were loaded test equipment. Strain sensing integrated circuit digital measuring device for load measurement. Can reliably extend the measuring range of ten times. The horizontal tension testing machine adopts the constant load control device, which makes the continuous speed regulating loading system and the load measuring device to form a closed loop, so that the load will keep the load automatically when the load is not adjusted. And equipped with a digital timer, time for loading time. WAL series of micro computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine can also be configured to measure the range of 0~3000mm of various types of length measuring devices for users to choose, it can be used as a test machine for chain tension and length measurement.

Second, the main function:

1, test and several Ju GB, ISO, according to ASTM, JIS and other standards.

2, the product can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, automobile spare parts, engineering plastics, wires, cables, plastics, rubber, textile, ceramics, building materials, metal materials, polymer materials analysis and detection.

3, the tensile strength, elongation at break, elastic modulus, stress, strain and other parameters of the material can be measured. (according to the specific requirements of the user to determine what kind of test to do)

4, the value of the wide range of force expansion: with high precision sensor, wide test range.

5, deformation measurement: with the United States precision long displacement digital large deformation measurement device, so that the accuracy of measuring elongation. (marked elongation range)

6, curve mode: stretching: force - elongation, stress - strain; force - time, elongation - time, strain - time.

7, the same group: curve comparison test curve can be a variety of color contrast superposition.

8, local amplification test: the curve of any section can be carried out on the regional amplification analysis.

9, data analysis: in the curve of the test data can be randomly selected analysis.

10, report selection: according to user needs to choose a different report format, available EXCEL or Word. Directly viewing the report or taking part of the print

11, the sample selected: a group of test results can be selected for effective testing, and continuous testing

12, automatic storage: test conditions, test results, test curves and data can be automatically stored, call at any time.

13, breaking the specimen breaks down instantly parking: parking or return to the initial position.

14, control function: with constant speed control mode.

15, can choose different force value unit (N, KGF, GF)

16, automatic calibration: the load, the power of the automatic calibration can be calibrated automatically.

17, cleared: the load, deformation, displacement measurement at any time to manually or automatically cleared.

18, working cylinder plug using the gap seal, small friction.

19, the pump noise is small, the performance is stable.

20, proportional servo valve, fast response.

21, to achieve the constant test force, constant deformation, constant displacement, uniform stress rate, uniform strain rate automatic control.

22, noise: host noise less than 65db.

Third, the main parameters:

1, name: microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine

2, model: WAL-600, WAL1000, WAL2000, WAL3000

3, the maximum test force (kN): 600, 1000, 2000, 3000

4, the test force measurement range: 4% ~ 100%FS

5, the test force measurement accuracy: + 1%

6, displacement indication error: + 1%

7, stress control speed: 1-45Mpa/s

8, constant control accuracy: + 1%

9, stretching distance (without piston stroke): 0--10000mm, can be based on the user to do.

10, the oil cylinder stroke: 500mm (can be made according to user requirements)

11, specimen clamping way: Standard for bolt, may also need to use hydraulic clamping

12, the test machine effective space: the width of 750mm, according to the user to make.

13, control test mode: the microcomputer servo automatic control, also can control the hand valve

14, stretching space adjustment and interval: hand push pull type or electric regulation; adjustable spacing 500mm;

15, mobile beam fixed mode: manual or automatic hydraulic bolt fixing bolt fixing

16, motor power: 5.5KW, 3 380V diameter

17, size: 3000 x 4000 x 5000mm

18, the weight of the whole machine: 5.6t

Fourth, WAL series horizontal tensile testing machine safety protection:

1, there are overload, over travel, over voltage, under voltage, over current leakage protection

2, there is anti pop shield

3, there is room to adjust the test

4, a chuck locking mechanism

Extended reading:

Require the installation of hydraulic valve testing machine

Hydraulic valve hydraulic system of WAL horizontal tensile testing machine installation requirements are as follows:

1, installation should pay attention to clean, not wearing gloves installation, are not allowed to use fabric wipe install with surface mounting plate and valve plate plane) to prevent fiber dirt intrusion tensile testing machine valve.

2, the installation should check the WAL horizontal tensile testing machine the hydraulic valve test records, to ensure that there will be no abnormal phenomenon.

The size and quality of the processing and installation of the flatness of the seal groove with 3 check valve plate, if there are defects should be repaired or replaced.

4, in accordance with the design drawings of WAL horizontal tensile testing machine and the requirements for installation.

5, valve installation should pay attention to the hydraulic system of WAL tensile testing machine, motivated, control, etc., to discharge oil outlet, no wrong. Valve to the level of the installation is good.

6, the installation should pay attention to quality. To carefully check the quality of seal, do not install the wrong, to avoid damage during installation; fastening screw tightening force should be uniform, must pay attention to the material and machining quality of the screw of high voltage components, incompatible requirements screws are not allowed to use.

WAL-600 tensile testing machine maintenance knowledge

Tensile testing machine is a high-precision testing equipment, the daily maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy is very important. Mainly to the host, oil source, control system maintenance, the specific maintenance skills are as follows.

Host maintenance:

1, the machine is equipped with the fixture should be coated with anti rust oil storage.

2, because the jaws of a WAL-600 horizontal tensile testing machine often use, easy to wear, oxidation skin too much, easily lead to leakage of small piston damage, so jaw should be cleaned regularly and kept clean (the best time to finish the test after cleaning).

3, regularly check the transmission of the chain wheel, if found loose, please tighten the tension round.

Screw 4, regularly check the jaw position, if found loose, timely tightening.

5, insert plate and the lining plate is in contact with the sliding surface and lining board dovetail groove surface should be kept clean regularly painted a layer of thin MoS2 lubricating grease.

Control system maintenance:

1, regularly check the controller panel cable is good contact, such as loose, should be tightened.

2, WAL-600 horizontal tensile testing machine controller interface for the one one corresponding, wrong interface may cause damage to the equipment.

3, plug on the controller interface must turn off the power supply controller.

4, after the test if there is a long time without closing machine, controller and computer.

Oil source maintenance:

1, according to the use of oil and machine using the term, replace the oil filter and the filter regularly, the replacement of hydraulic oil.

2, regularly check the WAL-600 tensile test machine and the oil source of leaks place, if there is a leak, should be the timely replacement of the seal or combination pad;

Do not test 3, long time, pay attention to turn off the main power. Solenoid valve has been energized, will affect the service life of the device.



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