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750J pendulum type impact testing machine




Name:750J pendulum type impact testing machine


Category:pendulum type impact testing machine | impact testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan



This machine is the equipment that is used to test for metallic materials against impact properties under dynamic load, can do a lot of continuous metal impact test, automatic control, control system adopts imported programmable controller (PLC), take control of the whole process, the pendulum impact test by computer software program. Show the impact absorbing energy and the rotation angle of the pendulum impact toughness, and print the test report. The operation is simple, safe and reliable, high working efficiency. The machine is equipped with a protective net cover, provides the conditions for the safe operation of the user. Detection equipment necessary metal materials manufacturers, quality inspection departments, the test equipment is indispensable for the research of new materials research institute. 750J pendulum impact testing machine is a new type of impact testing machine products our company took the lead in the domestic launch, after several years of continuous technological update and improve the product has reached the domestic advanced level of technology, the products are also exported to Australia, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and other countries, and the the user acclaim at home and abroad.

2, the use of the field:

The 750J pendulum impact testing machine for mechanical metallurgy, aerospace, academies and research institutes such as the impact toughness measurement of metals and metal materials under dynamic load impact resistance ability for various fields.

3, according to the standard:

GB/T3038 - 2002 pendulum impact testing machine test GB/T229 2007 metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method "JJG145-82" pendulum impact testing machine

4, main features:

Equipment adopts German Siemens PLC as hypogynous machine control, the brand of computer as upper machine control, the host computer program using VB programming, RS232 communication, computer data exchange and command transmission, make full use of the PC's powerful data processing and report. The rotary encoder used in controlled high precision to obtain the real-time position of the pendulum, obtain the impact absorbing energy. The system is reliable, stable, accurate data and so on.

5, 750J microcomputer control of the pendulum impact testing machine main technical indicators:

1 impact energy: (500J), 750J

2 swing hammer torque 401.9238NM 267.9492NM

3 scale range: 0 ~ 500J, each small grid division value 5J;

4 impact cutting edge radius: 2 ~ 2.5mm;

5 center of the pendulum to the impact point (test center) distance: 800 mm

6 pendulum pre yang angle: 150 degrees

7 impact speed: 5.4~5.58 m/S

8 sample bearing span: 40 mm

The 9 ends of the sample bearing radius: 1-1.5 mm

10 sample support angle: 0 degrees

11 knife radius: 2-2.5 mm shock

12 impact knife two incline angle: 30 degrees

13 impact of the blade thickness: 16 mm

14 blades: GB

15 sample size: 10 x 10 x 55 mm, 10 x 7.5 x 55 x 5 x 55 mm mm 10

16 computer display resolution: 0.1J

17 machine weight: about 1500KG

18 test machine size: 2300*600*1400 mm

19 power: three-phase four wire 50HZ, 380V, 550W (the main motor)

Extended reading:

Maintenance of electrical system of 750J pendulum impact testing machine

L, to ensure that the 750J impact test machine voltage stability, voltage fluctuation is not more than 10%; to maintain the relative humidity of the indoor environment is not less than 80%; according to the environmental situation on a regular basis to the electrical measurement and control system.

The use of impact testing machine 2, a day before the first check plug is plugged back CS controller. Note: the plug CS controller behind the one one corresponding, if wrong may be caused by equipment failure, must be closed before the plug plug controller.

3, once a year to check the 750J AC terminal pendulum impacttesting electromechanical gas holder is loose, because the AC current is large, if the terminal loosening may cause poor contact, causing electrical components burned.

750J pendulum impact testing machine limit body

Because the 750J pendulum impact testing machine with quick release type impact cylinder shaft in the cylinder, the impact has been in a state of acceleration, when the impact axis and the platform after the collision, the impact of axial rebound, but there is still pressure in the cylinder, the impact of the axis to move forward, there may be second times of collision, and the platform for shaft and the platform of impact, should immediately deflate, but due to the 750J impact test machine, high pressure cylinder in large volume, to within a few milliseconds to complete the exhaust process is difficult to achieve.

The mechanical barrier to a limit, a limit body is connected with the base, and the platform axis cushion impact end distance of 600mm, the impact of shaft shoulder to body distance, when the impact axis first hit after body move on, limiting body blocking the shaft shoulder axis impact the residual impact energy is directly transmitted to the base.


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