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WE series digital display type hydraulic universal testing machine

 WEseriesWE-100B/300B/600B/1000BDigital display type hydraulic universal testing machine  



Name:WE series digital display type hydraulic universal testing machine


Category:Digital display type hydraulic universal testing machine | Hydraulic universal testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan


  一、Overview of functional applications:
  1.The W-E series digital display type hydraulic universal testing machine mainly includes the four models WE-100B, WE-300B, WE-600B, WE-1000B, adopt manual control, hydraulic loading, automatic electronic measurement, liquid crystal display, test data processing, print test results, mainly for the completion of metal material and non-metal materials tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties, fully conforms to the national GB/T16826-2008 the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, and the metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method "GB/T228-2002 standards; also can meet: ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards of material experiment requirements. Material mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and tensile strength can be automatically obtained. The test of high strength bolt, chain, wire rope and other materials can be completed with the increase of attachment。
2.The test machine adopts the double lead screw in the beam transmission mechanism, the hydraulic cylinder, the installation of convenient, good stability, beautiful appearance.
3. WE series digital hydraulic universal testing machine is an ideal replacement of the old hydraulic universal testing machine。

二、Scheme description:

  1.Scope of application: used for tensile, compression, bending test of metal materials, adding simple accessories, can complete the mechanical properties of adhesive tape, chain, ring chain, wire rope, welding rod and other materials。
2.Feature Description: dial display (electronic measuring force, liquid crystal display, test data processing, print storage function) with convenient operation, intuitive data. Is a highway engineering, building materials, machinery and other industries ideal experimental equipment。

三、technical parameter:


Product model





Host structure

Double column double screw rod oil cylinder lower set structure

Maximum test force

100 kN

300 kN

600 kN

1000 kN

Test machine level


Range of test force measurement


Test force value

relative error

Indicating value±1%

Piston maximum movement rate


Beam adjustment speed


Piston Max stroke


control mode

Manual load

Effective tensile space


Effective compression space


Column spacing





clamping system

Manual clamping(optional hydraulic clamping)

Diameter of circular specimen





Thickness of flat specimen





Width of flat specimen





The next size


Bending roll spacing

600 mm

Bending roll width


safety protection devices

Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection

Size of Monochromator(mm





Host power





Oil source control cabinet outline dimensions(mm





Control cabinet power supply

1.5 KW




Host weight





Further reading :

WE-B hydraulic universal testing machine using operation method
  1、Dial selection
The test personnel should have an estimate of the maximum load of the test piece before the test, so as to select the appropriate measuring range to get the accurate data. For example: a specimen to estimate the range of maximum load is less than 100kN should be selected 120kN, such estimates maximum load less than 200kn the should choose 300KN range, this is in order to ensure the test results data can be more accurate. A measuring range is selected, the corresponding buffer valve handle to adjust the alignment of the corresponding line measurement range。
2、Pendulum suspension
The WE-B hydraulic universal testing machine adopts the pendulum type, and the different thallium is hanged according to the different measuring range. Three ranges are distributed on the same level as the circumference of the circle. Thallium total of three, respectively, engraved A, B, C words, A thallium fixed on the swing lever, do not remove. During the test, A was used for measuring the range of 0-120kN, A+B for 0-300kN, and A+B+C for 0-600kN.。
3、Adjustment of the zero point of the pointer and the adjustment of the balance of thallium
Before doing the test must be adjusted to zero, the method is to start the pump and send the oil to the piston up a distance of about 5-10mm, and then turn the rack so that the instructions for the quasi zero line. When the pointer is aligned to zero when the pendulum in vertical position, if not in the vertical should adjust the balance of thallium, make reticle alignment。
4、Test force speed indicator
Test force speed indicator is composed of micro DC motor, control panel and shift the band switch, by the wave band switch potentiometer to change the voltage on the motor, and through the string and the driven wheel running and instructions on the shaft sleeve disk three different wheel speed。
5、Oil delivery valve and return valve operation
Before the operation of the oil feeding valve, the loading speed indicating device is opened, and the adjusting device is quickly rotated to a proper position, so that the indicator plate can be kept at a certain speed. Speed determination with a stopwatch. In order to make the oil pump output quickly into the oil cylinder, the rapid rise of the piston to reduce the auxiliary time, began to send the valve can be a big open. When the test piece starts loading, should pay attention to the handling of the valve handle, according to the loading speed of the test piece to adjust the oil feeding valve, that is, the pointer movement should be kept in sync with the indicator. Specimens were destroyed, slowly unclip return oil valve, the oil in the oil back to tank, at which point swing hammer down slowly, dial the active needle to zero, the passive needle stop in the failure of the specimen values。
6、The use of stress - strain records
Before doing the experiment, recording paper roll on the picture tube, is clamped by a spring piece, one end of the string fixed in the work of the host, portrayed in the cylinder groove around a circle, at the other end of the hanging a weight。


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