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WAW-B series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine




Name: WAW-B series microcomputer display control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

Type:WAW-100B  WAW-300B  WAW-600B  WAW-1000B

Kind:Computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine | Hydraulic universal testing machine


Place of Origin:Jinan



  一、product overview:
  WAW-B series microcomputer display control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine can be divided intoWAW-100B WAW-300B WAW-600B WAW-1000Bfour typoe,Mainly used for metal materials tensile, compression and bending tests of mechanical properties, simple accessories can detect cement, concrete, brick, tile, rubber and rubber products。
The WAW-B series testing machine by the double column double screw cylinder set host and oil source control cabinet, the oil pump adopt the odd Matsu, Italy imported low noise high performance gear pump. Stretch space arranged above the main machine, compression and bending tests in host is that between the beam and platform. Test space adjustment is achieved by moving the beam, beam lifting adopts chain drive. The computer automatic closed-loop control of high performance electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve to complete the various materials tensile, compression and bending tests. After the completion of the automatic test materials, REH, FM to REL, RPO.2, RP1, RM and E etc. the experimental results of elastic modulus。

二、Functional characteristics:

1, a special ultra thick jaw seat in the jaw clamp specimen, the jaw is completely contained in the jaw seat body, the sample clamping is more reliable, put an end to the due to jaw base shallow is trumpet shaped deformation possible damage, greatly improving the service life of equipment。
2、The jaw seat and the jaw clamping increased abrasion resistant lining board, put an end to the tensile metal oxide skin fall into, resulting in jaw seat slope scratch phenomenon, the clamping process more smooth, more reliable。
3、With the constant stress and constant strain, displacement, tension control, constant speed program editor and other control, various control modes can be arbitrary smooth switching during the experiment。
4、Measurement and control software based on Chinese WindowsXP operating system platform, with faster running speed, moderate interface, menu, mouse operation, with more sample information input mode, can meet the needs of different materials of the test. For samples with the same conditions of the first batch input automatically, also can be made conditional template。
5、Test automatically after the sample information, test data, test curve automatic storage。
6、According to the test force or the deformation of the material size automatically switch to the appropriate range, to ensure the accuracy of test data measurement。
7、The test data (test force, displacement, deformation) loading state and test curve with the test process of dynamic real-time display。
8、According to the choice of stress - strain, force displacement and force - time, displacement time related test results and find corresponding points on the curve of actual need。
9、The user can according to the actual needs of any standard text editor or EXCEL text format report format
10、When the load exceeds the full range of 2%-5% automatic overload protection shutdown
11、WAW-B series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine can automatically query all relevant historical records according to the sample conditions, test date and test data etc
12、The software for the database interface, convenient to the local area network for inter laboratory, experimental data management。

三、technical parameter:


Product model





Host structure

Double column double screw rod oil cylinder lower set structure

Maximum test force

100 kN

300 kN

600 kN

1000 kN

Test machine level


Range of test force measurement


Relative error of test force

Indicating value±1%

Force resolution


Deformation measuring device

Electronic extensometer

Deformation indication

relative error

Indicating value±0.5%

Displacement measuring device

Photoelectric encoder

Displacement indication

relative error

Indicating value±1%/±0.5%

Displacement resolution


Maximum moving speed of piston

0.2-70mm/minStepless speed regulation

Beam adjustment speed


Piston Max stroke


Control way

Three closed loop control and program control

Effective tensile space


Effective compression space


Column spacing





clamping system

Hydraulic automatic clamping

Diameter of circular specimen





Thickness of flat specimen





Width of flat specimen





Next size


Bending roll spacing

600 mm

Bending roll width


Safety protection device

Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection

Main engine sizemm





Host power





Oil source control cabinet outline dimension (mm)





Control cabinet power supply

1.5 KW




Host weight





further reading:

WAW-B electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine stop working solution
  1.The user tests do not pay attention to health caused by the screw and nut has a large iron squeezed to death caused by the big nut;
2.The force in the piston cylinder friction increases or stuck phenomenon, the application of chromium oxide paste on the research, until the normal date;
3.The oil system serious leakage or rupture of tubing. First, check the oil system joints are tightened, if necessary, replace the gasket, must be promptly replaced. If is the breakdown of oil, then, need to replace the oil, the higher strength in addition, we should also observe the oil supply valve, relief valve piston top dead or whether anti loaded;
4.The motor does not turn by not working, this is not the power to view or bad motor problems;
5The beam caused by the no level. Do not work, will turn to work flat beam;
6.Drive motor and screw system. There is a problem, if the machine is sprocket drive might be a slip or chain is bad, if the worm drive is worn if possible。
WAW-B is not up to the maximum rated load analysis
  1The system should be checked. A serious leak, tighten the streets
2.There were low viscosity, must adjust the oil viscosity
3.Belt driven hydraulic pump for oil, aging and slipping and loosening, tightening the belt due to aging and accounted for oil, slipping and loosening, tightening the belt or belt replacement;
4.The oil return valve in the dirt, the oil return valve is not empty sealed, when loading the return pipe with a drain valve for cleaning。


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