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WDW-E series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine




Name:WDW-E series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine


Category: microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine |electronic universal testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan




Universal tesnile testing machine is designed and manufacturedaccording to ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards. Applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. Suitable for metal, rubberplastic, spring, textile, and components testing. It is widely used in the corresponding industries, research and development, test institutes and training centers etc.


2. Main Specifications:


Model WDW-1/2//3/5 WDW-1/2//3/5E WDW-10/20//30/50 WDW-10/20//30/50E WDW-100 E WDW-200/300 WDW-200/300E WDW-500/ 600 WDW-500/ 600E Max. Load 1kN 2kN 3kN 5kN 10kN 20kN 30kN 50kN 100kN 200kN 300kN 500kN 600kN Structure Four-column Floor Type (upper is compression and lower is tensile) Control model Computer control Constant stress, constant strain,constant displacement closedloop control System Load accuracy 1 class/ 0.5 class optional Load range 2%-100% of full scale /0.4%-100% optional Load resolution 1/300000 Deformation test range 2%~100% Deformation accuracy ≤±1% Displacement accuracy ≤±1% Disp. resolution 0.04um Displacement speed 0.05-500mm/min 0.05-200mm/min Tensile space 700mm 600mm 550mm 700mm Compression space 700mm 600mm 550mm 700mm Test width 400mm 450mm 600mm 650mm Clamp way Manual clamp / Hydraulic clamp (optional) Hydraulic clamp Load Cell Configuration One(max load), more load cells can be added according to customer requirement Extend configuration Large deformation extensometer, high or low temperature teste chamber, high temperature oven Power supply AC220/380V±10%,50Hz (can be customized)



1.High accuracy servo motor to control test speed.

2.Ball screw no backlash to guarantee the low noise and high driving efficiency

3.High accuracy load cell to measure the test load

4.High accuracy photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement.

5.Maxtest software has strong function, it can show test load, displacement, test speed, test status, and also has the function of peak load holding, peak displacement holding and self return original position.

6.Thousands of test fixture can be used according to different test request;

7.Compact structure with easy operation.

8.Limit switch and setting in the software to guarantee the safety


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