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WDW- (0.05-5KN) microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine




Name:WDWmicrocomputer control electronic universal testing machine


Category:microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine | electronic universal testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan



 1, product introduction:

The design of WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine adopts the advanced control theory abroad, meet the national standard GB/T228 "tensile test method" GB/T7314 "metallic materials at room temperature compression test method" GB/T14452 "metal material mechanical performance test methods" can meet the GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN and other standards. We can add other corresponding standards according to customer demand. Beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. A computer through the digital control system for acquisition and control, the company developed by a full digital speed controller in direct control of full digital speed regulating motor, speed reducer through the reduction system of precision screw to realize beam up and down, to complete the drawing, sample stripping mechanics performance test.

Testing machine of professional software for automatic calculating the most vigorously and tensile strength data. Requirements, the computer control system of test process control and data processing with the corresponding metal materials and non-metallic materials of national standard test reports such as WORD, EXECEL etc. diversification.

This machine has no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed range. WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is suitable for the mechanical properties of various metals and non metals and composite materials testing, fully meet the requirements of national standards. The machine can be of rubber, plastic, plastic, non-woven fabrics, textile fabrics, nylon, fibre, nano materials, polymer materials, composite materials, packing tape, paper, wire and cable, optical fiber cable, safety belt, safety belt, leather belt, shoe, tape, polymer, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, non-ferrous metals, steel, steel, automobile fittings, alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials according to the standard of GB/ISO/ASTM/JIS/DIN with different attachments, with its tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, piercing, bursting and all kinds of high and low temperature test that can be used to test the material yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, tensile strength and elastic modulus of non proportional parameters; building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing Analysis of material inspection, wire and cable, rubber plastic, textile, home appliances and other industries; is the ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, and technical supervision, arbitration and other departments.

  二、Technical parameter:




structure style

Single arm type

Precision testing machine


Maximum force test

50N 100N 200N 500N 1KN 2KN 5KN

test force measurement range

The maximum test force (0.2% ~ 100%) measuring range,Better than the value + 1% (Level 1);

The maximum test force (0.4% ~ 100%) measuring range,Better than the value + 0.5% (0.5)

maximum force test shows

Better than±1%\more than±0.5%

Deformation and displacement error indication

relative error


Test force, deformation and resolution


 value of limit error of displacement

Better than±1%

Displacement resolution


Test speed adjustment range


test speed controlaccuracy

Better than±1%

Space of tension


Tensile fixture

According to the material selection

Host weight


3, WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine software overview:

1 based on the WINDOWS software platform, simple operation, powerful function, man-machine dialogue structure. Using the standard WindowsXP style, easy to operate

2 modular software design, testing different types of creation, test control and data analysis are independent modules, separate from the main program. Can meet the test control and data processing of various types of test

3 test data can be added by the user, the number is not limited, using template to new test record, convenient and quick

4 automatic test process, the judgment breaks, automatic record test data. All the data stored in the universal XML format

Test data management function 5, according to a variety of ways to achieve fast query, load test data and delete

The end of the statistical test results, the automatic analysis system of 6 test analysis can be set by the user

7 flexible report editing function, provides a special report oriented graphics layout editing tools, simple and easy for users to easily test and curve printing pictures, text

8 the user can according to the needs of the test data are deleted

9 users can be changed according to requirement analysis method, the data can be modified according to need revision

The database management module for 10

11 record the same time stress, deformation and stress - deformation curve of time, can switch at any time, any zoom, move horizontally or vertically, real-time high speed sampling

12 by the way of human-computer interaction analysis of mechanical performance index calculation of test materials, at the end of the experiment, the system will automatically calculate the elastic modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, RP0.2/1.0, on the basis of automatic analysis, also can analyze the correction results of artificial intervention, and improve the accuracy of analysis

13 provide a variety of print interface, the user may need to edit any format of the report

14 test data using standard database management mode, automatically save all the test data and curve display real-time test curve in the process of test, test after completion of the test, the test data and curve of specimen information will be displayed in this window operation.

15 data query window: on the historical test data to a database query, only need to input some conditions, can immediately find the test data.

16 automatic calibration window: stress and deformation can be automatically calibrated in our debugging is completed, if the user feels no indication or control parameters are changed, just click the automatic correction button to restore the system parameters will arrive when debugging status.

The 17 batch data processing and batch report print window: on a number of similar specimens were collected and analyzed, comparing the measurement data and calculate the mean value, can batch summary print of specimens. We can provide customized special test report. These are various forms of several representative. The test report is also available for editing printing according to user requirements and related processing software (batch processing, control programmer, MaxDoc report processor, MaxXls report processor etc.)

18.WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine software interface



Extended reading:

Universal testing machine beam repair

The beam of WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is a key to complete the test, once the problem will affect the use of the machine, the following simple beam maintenance method:

The deformation of the 1 beam stress beam: material selection improper, easy to increase the self gravity, the measurement results are not accurate, should be timely replacement of the beam.

The 2 beam to move in the opposite direction: it is testing machine software is wrong, can contact a manufacturer promptly.

3 beam falling: check the beam upper limit switch whether was damaged, if the replacement of damaged limit switch.

4 different experimental speed will get different results: the beam movement speed is unstable and therefore the need for calibrating the speed.

5 according to the lifting beam did not respond:

A. emergency stop button is pressed, the emergency stop button up.

B. thermal relay protection, open the electrical control cabinet, thermal relay will reset the beam limit switch limit switch: replace the bad.

6 mobile lifting poor: if the reason is not the first to check the electrical locking screw screw hole and base lubrication is not enough or the foreign body resistance card or the lower part of the guide screw nut loosening. If the above conditions can remove the WDW microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine screw bottom cleaning, lubricating oil, installation.

The classification and unclassified difference

WDW- (0.05-5KN) test of universal testing machine is divided into several different digital period, regardless of file is the entire test force is a bit. Classification and unclassified did not affect what basic. The general measurement range can be determined according to the test force equivalent to several files.

In addition, WDW- (0.05-5KN) technology index universal testing machine is the user in the selection of primary concern. Therefore, if the parameters of the index and some parameters of the definition of design master, can not buy the wrong machine, avoid the trouble back and forth replacement.


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