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WEW-D系列微机屏显式液压万能试验机 WDS系列门式数显电子万能试验机 JB-300B/500B半自动摆锤式冲击试验机 HR-150A洛氏硬度计 TLS-S系列手动双数显弹簧拉压试验机 NDS系列数显式扭转试验机 WDW微机控制电子万能试验机(5-300KN) WAW-B系列微机控制电液伺服万能试验机 YES-2000数显压力试验机 零下30/60/80/100度冲击试样缺口低温槽 方圆FY310便携式里氏硬度计 WDW系列微机控制高低温电子万能试验机

WDS digital electronic universal testing machine (ground)




Name:WDS digital electronic universal testing machine (ground)

Model:WDS-50E  WDS-100E  WDS-200E  WDS-300E  WDS-500E  WDS-600E

Category: digital electronic universal testing machine (ground) | electronic universal testing machine (ground)


Place of origin:Jinan



1, summary of products:

WDS digital electronic universal testing machine is the company's production of WDS-50E/100E/200E/300E/500E/600E is divided into six series, mainly used for various metals and non metals and composite materials tensile, compression and bending mechanical performance test. Automatic control precision and the data acquisition system, the realization of all digital data acquisition and control process adjustment. In the experiment, the maximum bearing pressure, tensile strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation, elongation and other technical indicators of the test material. The above parameters at the end of the test, the test parameters set by the main controller according to the test at the beginning of the automatic calculation, and display the corresponding test results, the testing parameters at the end of the test can query and display, and can also be printed.

2, features:

This machine adopts double Longmen type floor type structure, the standard for space stretching, space compression, bending, tension and compression space conversion.

The host machine is composed of four guide column, upper beam, a middle beam, a floor type frame, speed control system is installed in the lower part of table.

By the Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor, high precision, wide range, stable performance by a synchronous toothed belt reducer system drives the ball screw rotation, ball screw drive a drive tension (or compression, bending and other auxiliary devices) move up and down, to achieve the loading and unloading test.

The frame structure to ensure adequate stiffness, and achieve efficient and stable transmission.

3, scope of application:

This machine is suitable for testing on the mechanical properties of various metals and non metals and composite materials, fully meet the requirements of national standards
4,  The main technical indexes of testing machine:


Digital electronic universal testing machine (door type frame structure







Structure style

door type frame structure

Maximumtest force(KN






Test level


Range of test force


Test force value

relative error


Force resolution


Displacement measuring device

Photoelectric encoder

Displacement relative error value



Displacement resolutionmm


Displacement rate adjustment rangemm/min


0.05-500Stepless speed regulation

safety protection devices

Mechanical limit protection and overload protection

Effective tension space(mm



Effective compression spacemm



Effective test width(mm





Wedge clamp


Manual / automatic stepping up to

Compression attached(mm)

pressure plate diameter 160 or custom

Size of Monochromatormm





Host weight(KG






Extended reading:

Requirements of universal tensile testing machine hydraulic valve installation technology WDS

1, the installation should check the WDS universal tensile testing machine the hydraulic valve test record (certificate), to ensure that there will be no abnormal phenomenon.

The size and quality of the processing and installation of the flatness of the seal groove with 2 check valve plate, if there are defects should be repaired or replaced.

3, in accordance with the design drawings of electronic tensile testing machine and the requirements for installation.

4, valve installation should pay attention to the hydraulic system of tensile testing machine, motivated, control, etc., to discharge oil outlet, no wrong. Valve to the level of the installation is good.

5, the installation should pay attention to quality. Carefully check on the quality of the seal, do not install the wrong, to avoid damage during installation; fastening screws to uniform stress in tightening, should pay attention to the material and the processing quality of the high pressure screw element, not allowed to request the use of screws.

6, the installation should pay attention to clean, not wearing gloves or the use of fabric installation, installation interface (wipe the mounting plate and the valve plate plane plane), fiber to prevent dirt into the universal tensile testing machine valve.

WDS universal tensile testing machine test data

The method of automatic analysis of 1 under normal circumstances, when the sample breaks, WDS universal tensile testing machine software will display the current test results of the fracture in the control panel of the "data" tab, if you need to modify the sample parameters, open the Toolbar "results" dialog box in which the change at the same time the the test results show.

2 at the completion of each test sample, test data system electronic tensile testing machine will ask this one sample and the curve of the effectiveness and whether you need to save.


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