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WDS Series LCD electronic universal testing machine (ARM)




Name:WDS Series LCD electronic universal testing machine (ARM)


Category: LCD electronic universal testing machine  |electronic universal testing machine

Price :negotiable

Place of origin:Jinan


WDS Series LCD electronic universal testing machine (ARM) It is designed adopting modern mechanical design concept and human body engineering design criterion with advanced microcomputer processing technology .It has a novel design, excellent performance, and beautiful appearance.


1, with high precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer, drive precision ball screw pair to test and implement a wide range of regulation test speed, low noise, smooth operation test process.

2, universal joint cross bolt structure, and has the function of swing Angle limit, on the one hand is advantageous for the specimen clamping, guarantee the test concentricity, on the other hand good to eliminate the influence of irregular sample of sensor.

3, touch key operating mode, the LCD real-time display.Display interface can choose interface according to test method, test parameter selection interface, test operation and the results show that the interface and curve display interface, convenient and quick.

4, can implement sample clamping beam speed rise or adjustment, has over current, over voltage, overload protection device, etc.

5, equipped with microcomputer interface, test process can be an external microcomputer control and data storage and print. Application It is applicable in testing the tensile property of plastic films, complex films, flexible packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, glue, rubber, Paper, plastic, aluminum plate, enameled wire, non-woven fabric, textiles, waterproof materials, triangle etc. Add grip, we can make the compression and bending test.


Digital display, test speed can continuously adjustable; when the specimen snapped, it can automatic stop ,peak holding etc Standard This machine is designed and manufactured according to GB/T 12914-1991, and its every capability conforms to relative test standards such as GB 13022-91,GB/T1040-92,GB2792-81,GB/T 14344-9,GB/T 2191-95,QB/T 2171-95. Parameter Test range :200N,500N,1000N,2000N,3000N,5000N Accuracy: higher than 0.5 grade Resolution:0.01mm Tensile route :600mm or 1000mm (customizable) Compression route:600mm or 1000mm (customizable) test route:600mm or 1000mm (customizable) Test speed: 1-500mm/min Deformation indication error :≤±(50+0.15L) Dimension:530mm(L)×266mm(W)×1450mm(H) power:220V,50Hz


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