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The static load test of hydraulic anchor machine




Name:The static load test of hydraulic anchor machine

Model:The static load test of hydraulic anchor machine

Category:horizontal tensile testing machine |meterial tensile testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan



  First, function overview:

The requirements in accordance with the international standard GB/T14370-2000 ", and" anchor fixture connector for prestressing tendons anchorage static load test of 1 hydraulic type, developed a new type of testing machine, used to complete the performance testing of prestressed anchorage, fixture and connector. The machine adopts hydraulic manual control mode, realization of test process, loading keep, unloading, pressurizing and reversing, static load test in accordance with Article 6.1 of GB/T14370-2000, 6.2 provisions in installation were measured at the load sensor; an end of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder test force output displacement sensor; approximate measurement of specimen deformation; microcomputer test parameter test in the process of setting, data acquisition, processing and analysis and display; equipped with special software Windows testing machine, according to the national standard static anchor performance measurement (main parameters of anchorage anchorage And the ultimate tensile strain of the test data, and then the test data and processing, and then output, print the required test report;

2. Strong self built test database and test data can be at any time to save, query, call, and can be realized with the user local area network and Internet data transmission and conversion.

3 to achieve the test force measurement automatic switching, test force measurement range is equivalent to 2% - 100%. accurate and stable, reliable, strong self checking function and perfect protection function.

Two, product technical indicators and functions:

1, the host section

1 maximum test force: 6500kN;

2 testing force measurement range and accuracy: 5 kN 0-6500; precision is 1% all the files

3 displacement measurement range and accuracy: 0-200mm; accuracy is + 1%F.S.

4 sample specifications: Phi Phi 11.10 phi; 9.50; 12.70; 15.24mm; 17.8mm; 21.6mm (nominal diameter)

The 5 test: 19 hole anchorage test

6 the length of the sample: more than 3000mm

7 hollow hydraulic cylinder stroke: 200mm

8 testing machine mainframe form: Horizontal

9 the size of the test machine (long Kuan Gao): 4500x1000x800mm

2, control part of the technical parameters:

2.1, test force measurement display part:

(1). Measurement methods: static load test of anchor hydraulic machine adopts high precision load sensor measurement test

(2) range conversion mode: automatic and manual switching

(3) test force display mode: microcomputer screen display

(4) test force and precision 100-5000kN; accuracy: better than + 1%

2.2, displacement measurement display part:

(1) measurement method: using high precision photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement of the piston

(2) displacement display mode: microcomputer screen

2.3, hydraulic control parts:

Control mode: static load anchorage test hydraulic machine adopts manual control valve to test process control

Extended reading:

Hydraulic static load anchorage test machine operation instruction

1, the first to understand the tensile strength of the sample, the number of tests per beam, and the length of the sample is 4000-4100mm.

2, using a hydraulic static load anchorage test machine supporting washers, anchor ring, a clamping piece the specimen was assembled, and make each root sample is kept parallel, avoid two specimen torsion, should make each root sample uniform stress, and knock the clamping sheet.

3, open the computer, and then restart the host computer, otherwise the software will go wrong. Boot software, set the system parameters, test type selection static load anchoring, length of the choice of deformation, X axis selection deformation.

4, a cassette jack of each specimen pre tensioned prestressing force is the tensile strength of 5%~10%. Hydraulic static load anchorage testing machine oil pump operation are as follows: the right-sided oil return valve is opened, left the oil return valve is closed, to jack oil of tension, and left throttle regulation, to control the level of oil pressure and stretching velocity (to keep the tension in a force value on it, as long as the rapid will be left throttle valve is closed on the line); will be left to the oil valve to open, right-sided oil return valve is closed, and adjusting the right-sided throttle valve, pump unloading return.

5, the amount of pre tensioning after L0 (steel strand length anchor ring is between two) and A1 (each steel strand in the anchor ring lateral length).

6, click start, the trial to proceed, the loading speed control in 14KN/min, reach 80% of the tensile strength, to charge 1 h (single tendon test when and load holding time can be shortened, but not less than 10min). At the same time, the amount of the strands of the A2 for each steel strand of] A and calculates the average value, and then gradually loading to failure.

7, the test results in input l0,] a mean value, root specimens number and calculation of ultimate tension and then click all the calculations, all test results came out, and print the results.

8, removable sample, the end of the experiment.

The environmental and safety requirements

1, the temperature of 10 DEG ~30 DEG, relative humidity: less than 80%

2, the fluctuation range of hydraulic static power anchorage test machine voltage should not exceed the rated voltage of + 5%, and have a good connection.

3, the environment is neat, no corrosive medium around the device, no electromagnetic interference, vibration source electric spark or the impact of interference.

4, pay attention to electrical safety, good leakage protection measures to prevent electric shock.

5, the laboratory should be placed in a specified location sandbox test machine on both sides.

6, to prevent the emergence in the experimental process, specimens and clip flying accident situation, the operator should always stand on both sides of the jack, prohibited any person standing on both ends of the specimen.



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