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MM-2000 type microcomputer control friction and wear testing machine




Name:MM-2000 type microcomputer control friction and wear testing machine


Category:friction and wear testing machine | material tensile testingmachine


Place:shandong Jinan


  unctional use:

The MM-2000 type microcomputer control friction and wear testing machine can do all kinds of metallic materials and non-metallic materials (nylon, plastic, etc.) in the sliding friction, rolling friction, rolling and sliding wear performance test of composite friction and intermittent contact friction under various conditions, for evaluating material's friction mechanism and determination of the friction coefficient of the material. The friction and wear tests of various materials under different conditions of dry friction, wet friction and abrasive wear were simulated. This machine adopts computer control system, which can display the test force, friction torque, friction coefficient and test time in real time, and can record the time curve of friction coefficient in the experiment. Rolling friction test can be adjusted to achieve the different slip rate; because of the multi-functional machine, structure is simple and reliable, easy to use, a standard test method, which is based on the models and is used more and more in foreign countries, so in tribology research both at home and abroad also very wide range of applications.

Implementation standards:

The results of this product conform to the GB/T12444.2-90 metal wear test method -MM type wear test; GB/T3960-83 plastic sliding friction coefficient test method.

Parameters and indexes:

1, the maximum test force: 2000N

2, friction torque measurement range: 0 ~ 15N.m

3, on the sample shaft speed: 360180r/min

4, under the specimen shaft speed: 400200r/min

5. The maximum moving distance of the sample on the sample is: + 4mm

6, friction torque measurement range (four gear scale): 0-15N.m

7, the test force shows the relative error: digital control over the full range of more than 10%, not more than 2%

8, test force repeatability of the relative error: in the full range of more than 10%, not more than 2%

9, the value of the relative error of the friction torque: digital control in the full range of more than 10%, not more than 2%

10, the friction torque repeatability of the relative error: in the full range of more than 10%, not more than 2%

11, time control range: digital control 1s-9999min

12, speed control: digital control 1-999999

13, time - friction torque curve: by the computer to achieve the measurement of the various parameters of the display and data processing, can be time to display the time - friction torque curve. Record, print, and generate test results report

14, testing machine's overall size (length * width * height): host: 970 * 660 * 1100

15, test machine net weight: About 500kg


Extended reading:

The friction and wear testing machine

1, MM-2000 type microcomputer control friction and wear testing machine mainly consists of a control panel, a main shaft drive system, the spring-loaded system, test force of friction torque measuring system, embedded computer measurement and control system (including liquid crystal display, a host computer, an acquisition module, a control board etc.), friction pair and special fixtures.

2, the main drive system of the servo motor as driving source, with control of high precision, long life and other advantages; adopts circular arc tooth synchronous belt drive, drive with more than accurate, non slip, no need of lubrication, no pollution, low transmission noise, high efficiency, transfer load, long life and other advantages.

3, spring type loading system using 80:1 worm gear deceleration device, stable driving and self-locking function. The spring load transfer can effectively reduce the impact of the loading process, the loading force increased steadily.

4, the test force of friction torque measurement system with high precision of the measuring element (sensor), highest accuracy of up to 3 per thousand. In addition, in under the guidance of spindle installed linear motion bearings and radial ball bearing, can effectively improve the precision of test force and friction torque measurement.

5, the measurement and control system uses the computer to carry on the entire process control to the test machine, enhanced each unit's execution speed and the control precision. Visual software operation page, easy for the operator to monitor the equipment. The industrial computer, the display, the collection module and the professional temperature controller have the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long service life, etc..


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