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MMU-10 screen display type end face friction and wear testing machine




Name:MMU-10 screen display type end face friction and wear testing machine


Category:friction and wear testing machine |meterial tensile testing machine


Place of origin:Jinan


  Product overview:

The MMU-10 screen display end face friction and wear testing machine for mechanical and electrical integration of precision test equipment, the use of plunger pump or imported gear pump as power source, relief valve, throttle valve, reversing valve are all original Taiwan. The hydraulic cylinder adopts the non friction plunger cylinder, which ensures the accuracy of the value. Spindle motor selection of Panasonic AC servo motor and controller, wide speed range, low speed torque, low noise. Measurement parameters include the test force, friction, test time, spindle speed, when any one parameter exceeds a preset value, corresponding to the alarm lights and spindle stop rotation. All the test parameters can be displayed on the digital display device and the computer screen, record the temperature time curve, the friction time curve. The machine is equipped with a high precision measuring device, which can measure the size of the friction pairs.

Function description:

Screen MMU-10 explicit type end face friction and wear testing machine at the end surface of the sliding friction form. In oil immersed lubrication and lubrication without oil or water lubrication condition under, the annular specimen applied higher end test for evaluating material's friction and wear properties. Can be equipped with four ball, ball, ball disc three, pin plate, thrust ring and other friction, for the assessment of lubricating oil, lubricating grease long wear resistance, and friction and wear properties of material at room temperature.

Technical parameters:

1) the maximum test force: 10KN

2) test accuracy: less than 1%

3) friction: 1-300N

4) friction accuracy: less than 2%

5) spindle speed range: 5-3000r/min

6) the accuracy of speed control: no more than 2 R /min

7) temperature range: 0-150 degrees

8) time display and control range: 1s ~ 9999s (or min)

9) speed display and control range: 1 ~ 9999999

10) data recording mode: liquid crystal display and computer screen

11) for testing friction ring specimen: Phi 26*, Phi 20*12 (mm)

12) test force control mode: manual and AC servo motor closed-loop control loading

13) the host weight: 800kg

14) size (length * width * height): 1200*870*1700 (mm)

Extended reading:

MMU-10 screen display end face friction and wear testing machine maintenance knowledge

First test machine each department should often wipe clean, in order to prevent rust. Do not use the machine cover up with dust and dirt to invade, pay attention to sun protection. Main attention to the following points:

1, pay attention not to let the oil and dust into the electrical control box.

2, accessories and spare parts, should be neatly placed in the appropriate accessories box, easy to rust parts should be coated with anti rust oil.

3, the power supply is switched on, check the power supply is normal, if normal, the second step of the operation, if not normal, check that power and strong panels on the air switch is switched on.

4, check the spindle shaft rotation direction is correct, the test machine spindle is irreversible, both from the top down to see is the spindle clockwise rotation.

5, the installation of samples, the specific installation method can refer to the map.

6, sample installed, specimen chuck is inlaid in the lower end of the spindle taper hole, screw rod, the sample into the sample holder corresponding position and manual rotation of the knurled screw, raise under the guiding of the main shaft and the friction side close to each other.

7, the choice of try and test method, parameter setting, adjusting the speed of loading, press button automatic loading, test force value stable, press the button test began.

8, for the uncertain failure occurs, the user should promptly contact the manufacturer to be properly resolved.

9, the number of preset stop. In the loading process, if you press the pause button, then stop loading.

10. The operating range of the friction element is 0-300N. Before the trial, the first adjustment of the zero adjustment button, so that the friction force display device alternately display (+ 0). The friction force can be set at first to set a larger value, when the test into the normal, and then according to the actual value of friction set a close value. When there is a scratch, the alarm will be stopped due to increased friction. Press the friction force reset button, the alarm is released, can continue to do the experiment.

11, the operation of the temperature control unit is detailed in the manual of the temperature control table.

12, the recording system to connect the computer, you can record the friction - time, temperature - time curve, using the method of "computer software"".

13, friction and wear testing machine maintenance and maintenance testing machine parts should always wipe clean, no spray paint on the surface after the application of a small amount of cotton yarn dipped with a small amount of oil to rub again, in case of rust. During the rainy season, more attention should be paid to wipe, do not use the machine cover up with dust and dirt. Be careful not to allow oil and dust to enter the electrical control box. Accessories and spare parts, should be neatly placed in the appropriate accessories box, easy to rust parts should be coated with anti rust oil. The testing machine should be tested once every 1-2 years in order to ensure the correctness of the indicators. For the uncertain failure occurs, the user should promptly contact me, in order to properly resolve.


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