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MMW-1 microcomputer control vertical friction and wear testing machine




Name:MMW-1 microcomputer control vertical friction and wear testing machine




Category:friction and wear testing machine | material tensile testingmachine 


Place of origin:shandong jinan


  Purpose and scope of application:

The MRS-10A microcomputer control four ball friction testing machine is mainly in the form of sliding friction, in the high point of contact pressure conditions to assess the carrying capacity of lubricants. Including the maximum no clamping load PB, sintering load PD, the comprehensive wear value of ZMZ and other three indicators. Friction and wear testing machine MRS-10A lubricant can be done long-term wear resistant test and determination of the coefficient of friction and record of friction force and temperature curve. With high precision measuring device, measuring friction vice grinding spot size and friction wear spot computer screen shows that measured and recorded.

Applicable standards:

Determination of extreme pressure performance of GB/T12583-98 lubricant (four ball machine method)

GB3142-82 lubricant capacity determination method (four ball method)

SH/T0189-92 lubricating oils - Determination of abrasion resistance (four ball method)

Determination of the extreme pressure performance of SH/T0202-92 lubricating grease (four ball machine method)

SH/T0204-92 grease - Determination of abrasion resistance (four ball machine method)

Technical parameter:

1 testing force range (stepless adjustable) 60N~10kN

2 the relative error of the test force is 1%

3 to maintain the value of the test force to maintain the value of the error of 1%F.S

4 friction test range 0~300N

5 friction test error 3%

6 spindle speed range (stepless adjustable) 200~2000r/min

7 spindle speed error + 5 r/min

8 friction pair temperature control range at room temperature ~150

9 friction pair temperature control error 2

10 test time control range 1 sec ~999 hours

11 spindle speed control range 1~99999999 rpm

A steel ball test for 12.7mm 12

13 dimension 1200*870*1700 (mm)

14 weight 800kg


Extended reading:

Measurement and control system and test software using function

1, the implementation of the national standard GB/T12583-1998 (lubricant extreme pressure performance test method), E 34007-87 ZB (four ball method of anti wear test method) and other test methods;

2, friction and peak load and load, the accuracy of the measurement range of 20% to start the value of 1%, can be automatic calibration;

3, real-time display of the motor speed (speed) and the duration of the test;

4, with multiple protection functions: friction, load, motor speed etc.;

5, real-time record of friction - time and load - time test curve, high speed sampling;

6, using the variable structure PID control algorithm to adjust the loading process, constant speed control error is less than 5%, the pressure control error is less than 0.5%;

7, when the test force is greater than a certain limit, the system will automatically enter the overload protection, and to take certain measures in time to ensure the safety of the testing machine;

8, the test data using data file management, can save all the test data and curves, print test report format to meet the requirements of the national standard.

Computer software

Computer to test the whole process of measurement and control, real-time display temperature time curve, friction time curve, friction coefficient - time curve. Equipped with M - MRF measuring device, the computer screen display, measurement and recording of the friction pair grinding spot can be realized.


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