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MJL-5 type falling ball impact testing machine




Name: MJL-5 type falling ball impact testing machine


Category: Artificial board testing machine   impact testing machine


Place of origin:jinan



 Main use:

Impact resistance test of MJL-5 type falling ball impact test machine for artificial board and facing.

Main technical specifications:

1 maximum test energy: 5J

2 maximum impact height: 1800mm

3 steel ball quality: 324 + 5g

4 ball diameter: 42.8mm + 0.2mm

5 outline dimension: 380x380x1900mm


Extended reading:

Falling ball impact test machine instructions

1, holding the sample, according to the shape and customer sample to sample drop, using universal fixture will sample clamping (sample clamping fixture according to the customer need).

2, set the stroke test, left-handed screw loose electromagnet pole fixed handle, the electromagnet fixing rod at the bottom of the move to greater than need drop height of 4cm (at this time the drop height is not very accurate), and then a little tightening handle is fixed, will need the ball pull on the electro magnet. Will be equipped with a ruler is perpendicular with the drop bar need to scale scale heights, through subtle movements, and the lower end of the steel ball requires a high degree of scale height is vertical, and then tighten the fixing handle.

3, the start of the test, press down fall key, ball free fall, to shock, MJL-5 fall ball impact testing machine according to customer needs can be repeated test and replacement of steel ball test or replace the product test at this time should be recorded every time a good test results.

MJL-5 matters needing attention and maintenance

1 align the center of the ball to the center of the clamp and fix it.

2 after the ball falls, may jump out of the box, must pay attention to safety.

3 do not use sharp scratches on the surface of the machine table.

4 every time the test is completed, please wipe machine.

5 ball will be wiped clean, and put back inside the box.

 6 test is finished, please turn off the power.


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