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MWD microcomputer controlled artificial board universal testing machine




Name:MWD microcomputer controlled artificial board universal testing machine  


Category:artificial board  testing machine  


Place of origin:Jinan



 Product overview:

MWD series microcomputer control panel universal testing machine adopts mechanical loading, electronic measurement, digital speed control, the application of computer for real-time control. This machine is for wood-based panels for a variety of mechanical performance test is developed, to meet the GB/T17657-1999 artificial plate and wire surface of man-made board is physical and chemical performance test method, applicable to the "medium density fiberboard", "board", the plywood, the joinery board "of plane tensile strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw holding capability, internal bond strength, surface bonding strength and bonding strength and the artificial plate shear test, artificial board production enterprises and all levels of quality inspection departments of the ideal test equipment.

Product advantage:

1. The main machine adopts AC servo motor and drive as a power source, a synchronous belt and a ball screw drive, the drive system is running smoothly, no noise and no oil pollution.

2, the equipment used in paint spray processing, transport process is not easy to bump, beautiful appearance.

All 3 tests, equipped with artificial board physical test required attachment;

4, through the whole computer interface operation, equipped with manual control box or micro quick operation, convenient quick and easy. Computer automatic processing function and test curve shows, measurements of the material's yield strength and so on many kinds of function, can also print A4 format of the test report.



Functional characteristics:

1, computer control and data processing software package

Computer data processing software based on WindowsXP operating system platform, can meet the needs of different materials test methods, complete the tensile, compression, bending test requirements.

The software includes the following main features: the core of the Access database as the center, combined with SQL language, easy to get the data, can be easily added to the new test method. Main function:

Simultaneous measurement and display of force, deformation, displacement, test speed.

Force elongation, stress - strain, force - time, stress time, elongation time, strain - time and other curves are displayed in real time.

Can arbitrarily delete the data has been done on a sample.

Can be arbitrary scaling of the operation of the curve, print, and select the parameters of the curve point (yield point, flexibility, etc.).

Parameter calculation using VB+SQL language, reliable and convenient.

The plane tensile strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus of the artificial plate can be obtained, and the bonding strength, the bonding strength and the bonding strength of the artificial board are combined.

2, operation: computer interface, computer automatic control; and is equipped with manual operation box, containing 6 keys (fast rise and fast drop and slow rise, slow down, stop, reset), the operation is more convenient, safe and reliable.

3, safety protection device is equipped with mechanical limit protection, overload protection, automatic shutdown and automatic power-off protection over current leakage protection function, emergency switch.

Main techinical parameter:



MWD microcomputer controlled artificial board universal testing machine  

Maximum test force






Testing machine level


Testing range






Precision of test force


Displacement accuracy


Test speed range



Effective test width




Effective test area





Clip match

1.Adhesive strength determination and tensile strength  1 sets

2. static bending strength and elastic modulus  1 sets 

3.Grip screw force clamp 1 sets

4.Internal bonding strength fixture 1 sets

5.Surface bonding strength and surface bonding strength fixture 1 sets

6.Shear strength attached 1set

Computer configuration

Lenovo brand computer

Printer configuration

 HP A4 format color inkjet printer

Software configuration

Test software in English WINDOWSXP platform 1 sets

Power supply



Supply voltage

Conventional voltage 220V, can also be based on the use of the country's standard voltage configuration.

Host sizemm







800 kg



Extended reading:

Operation software interface of MWD microcomputer based artificial board testing machine

1 software installed in the Windows system, the user interface is consistent with the Windows style of the Chinese window system. All MWD computer controlled artificial board test machine test operation can be completed on the computer screen with the mouse input;

2 displacement control;

3 automatic program control can choose a variety of control mode;

4 automatic program controlled intelligent expert system. Automatic process steps up to 50 steps;

The software of the 5.MWD microcomputer control panel testing machine has the function of grading management authority, which further ensures the safe use of the software. Software has three levels of management authority, from low to high in order for the general operators, senior operators, managers, respectively, by their own password login;

6 curve display window;

7 data analysis;

8 curve switch menu.

Guide for the use and operation of MWD artificial board universal testing machines

1, boot

2, select the test force gear: according to the test piece may reach the test force, select the appropriate test force gear.

3, select the test direction: according to the test method, select [pull], [pressure], the indicator light shows the current tension, compression test condition.

4 test begins: turn the handwheel to start loading, tension or compression test. After the test is finished, press the "peak" key, the peak light is bright, the maximum load of the maximum load of the test can be observed, and the results of the test can be recorded. After that, press the "peak" key, the peak value of the lamp, and exit the "peak" state.


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